Last night I dreamt of Hyannis Port

Had the most wonderful, and very vivid dream … it all came back to me now, as I’m sitting here checking my mail ‘n stuff.

In this dream, I was invited to Hyannis Port for dinner! Both JFK and Jackie were alive. In a way the dream is fuzzy because I can’t remember how this happened, but on the other hand it’s vivid in the way that it feels like I’d really met them … in real life, so to speak. Wish I could convey the feeling!

My excitement about this was out of this world … at first I was going to keep quiet about it to my friends, but I just couldn’t keep it inside so I told everyone.  I was picked up by a big limousine, but had to run back up again, because I wasn’t happy with my choice of shoes (!) for this occasion. That was here in Saint John, so imagine the drive to Hyannis … That’s the wonder of dreams, I guess … anything is possible!


13 thoughts on “Last night I dreamt of Hyannis Port”

  1. Hi,
    I very rarely remember my dreams, bits and pieces is usually all I can recall in the morning, I still remember dreams that I had when younger, most stupid of course. 😀
    But a vivid dream like the one you were lucky to have, and a nice one at that, makes for a wonderful morning and a great start for the day. 🙂

  2. Wow, I feel your excitement – no wonder you had to share it! What a fantastic dream and for you to remember it and have those feelings that you actually met JFK and Jackie in real life is amazing!

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