1:st of Advent

Härnösands Domkyrka

This is the Sunday, when the churches in — otherwise very secularized — Sweden, are filled to the last seat! It’s become a tradition, I think, moreso than a religious/spiritual experience. I’m waiting for Swedish television to put out the broadcast from my own church back home in Härnösand. It has undergone a total renovation and today’s the ‘grand opening’, which was being aired on national TV. Not in real time, though.

Most people will light the first of four candles this morning. After the service, they will most likely have coffee and saffron buns. There are certain candle holders for this. I don’t have one here, but I made one in Photoshop back in 2006.



If you were to drive around in residential areas in Sweden today, there wouldn’t be many windows without a star hanging there … like this [not my photo]!

Personally, I think that people just like this feeling of recognition … it’s always been this way, the same psalms in the church that we know by heart … and so on. I know people who openly state that they don’t believe in anything at all, but still …. they do these decorations, and many of them probably go to church … and that is alright too!




14 thoughts on “1:st of Advent”

  1. I don’t go to church, except once in a blue moon, and I’m just about done with celebrating Christmas. But I do find a need for ceremony and somehow need to find a way of building that into my year. More and more I’ve been meditating on living in accordance with the season. We’ll see what comes out of that.

    1. That sounds very interesting, Joss. I hear you, about the ‘need for ceremony’ … I do believe that for many people, going to church brings a sense of belonging..

    1. Our church is the smallest cathedral in the country …and the only white one. It is lovely. Imagine that I’ve been up in that tower one … wish I’d had a camera back then.

      Please, let me know how it goes with the star 🙂

  2. Hi,
    A beautiful church. So much work went into these church’s when they were built all those years ago, the ornate work on the outside of the church looks magnificent, and it sounds like a wonderful tradition to light the candles and have a hanging star.

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