nice ice

Today was rather eventless. A visit to Costco and on our way home we swung by Rockwood Park. It looks rather spiffy now with a little snow cover. There’s also a thin sheet of ice on parts of the lakes.

The other day, when we went down to Calais, Maine, I visited a drugstore there … Rite-Aid. Still — after eight years in North America, I was struck by the differences between my homeland and here! Apart from medications they had everything from potato chips, kitchenware, toys to booze and smokes!!!

Back home, the drugstores [apotek], are very … strict. The only items apart from medicine would be a few shampoos, body lotions and now … for Christmas; mustard and saffron.

Lately, things have loosened up a little, I learned when I was home. Now they sell a few common painkillers, similar to Tylenol and Aspirin, in grocery stores and gas stations.

They all look pretty much the same. I still remember the pharmacies of my childhood, when all the bottles were brown and made of glass. In my town, it resided in a beautiful, old building and  was later turned into a bar.


7 thoughts on “nice ice”

  1. I was in a local apotek in Sweden. Very different from here!!!

    We are quite warm today but much colder and rain is on the say. Rain is getting close. Not cooled off much yet.

    love the icy photo. I can only dream!

    1. Thank you, Julie-Ann … It was quite nice today, even though our snow is melting…

      Yes, it’s quite different. I was surprised though, to see painkillers in the gas stations 🙂

  2. Lovely to see the snow and ice. To hot here but cooler weather is approaching. I remember having drugstores with ice cream parlors being part of the establishment. I sometimes wish I had paid more attention to the small details of those stores back then…and wish I could find a few not changed today. I guess I’m getting old.

    1. Yes, Linda … it’s nice with snow and ice. It won’t stay, unfortunately … warmer weather is on its way.

      Yeah, there are many things I wish I’d paid more attention to… About the drugstores, I guess it just started out differently here.

  3. Hi,
    A beautiful photo of the lake, it really does look nice with the ice sitting on the top in places. I’ve got the fan going at the moment here, rather hot which is the norm for this time of year. 😀

  4. Lovely photo of the ice on the lake Rebekah – it has a cooling effect on me because at the moment I am sweltering at 29C! It’s not even summer yet till next month! I’d love some of your snow.

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