Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

I wasn’t going to do this week’s photo challenge because ‘Breakfast’ didn’t really do it for me. Today, however, I have nothing on my mind to write about so I thought I’d do it anyway. Eggs are good, and I would like to have eggs for breakfast but I rarely take time out of boil them. I love breakfasts in big hotels … where they have buffet. Here’s my contribution…


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast”

  1. Hi,
    Oh it is lovely when you are away on holidays and you go down for the buffet breakfast, and you can sit back and enjoy, good conversation with people that you may have just met and then your ready to start the day exploring new horizons. 🙂

  2. and what a lovely egg that is, round and brown and full of scrumptious goodness, just needs the egg cup and some buttered soldiers

  3. You’re sure it’s boiled? HARD boiled?
    Otherwise photographer is living dangerously!

    Seriously, that’s a lot harder to photograph attractively than it would seem, and you’ve managed it wonderfully well. An egg of great character!

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