it’s a snow day

… and yesterday, it was nice like this — the calm before the storm, I guess one could say.

Woke up to a Winter Wonderland, but there was no surprise effect as there was so much talk about this ‘storm’ all night on TV yesterday. We’re the lucky ones as we don’t have to go or drive anywhere — here in Canada, Thanksgiving is all over. We’ll just bundle up inside. I just brought a piece of meat out of the freezer, because today I’m going to make kalops — the Swedish meat stew that I’ve mentioned in this blog before. This link, however, gives a very good description of it [will open in a new tab/window]. The anchovies brine, I won’t include now though. I’ve found that the little cans of anchovies that I buy here, contain hardly any brine at all and it’s very different from what I’m used to. Besides, I can’t taste any difference in the finished Kalops.

Also bought two bags of cranberries the other day, so I’ll cook some Lingonberry Jam from that. The Cranberry is just a bigger Lingon.

Cooking, is no great interest of mine … but I like to eat, though! Every now and then I pull myself together and make something in the kitchen — today seems to be a good day for that.



20 thoughts on “it’s a snow day”

  1. Sounds very promising … looking forward to supper time with great anticipation and eagerness ….. gives me some time to build up a real hunger !!

  2. Brrr ! that is cold..just like it is here..the snow is coming and I sit here at my laptop covered in a bright yellow poncho which makes me look like a plump canary together with fingerless gloves so that I can still type….

    I hope your cooking was you I do not enjoy cooking

  3. Hi,
    It does sound like a good day to stay inside and keep warm, I am in the opposite position, where I live in OZ it is just about summer, so it is rather hot. 🙂
    Everything that you are making sounds delicious.

  4. I like your reasoning about not liking to cook but you like to eat! You must be preparing for winter now (brrr), so I guess the best place is inside – and cooking warm up your place! We are almost in our summer and sweltering already; hoping for a thunderstorm tonight we desperately need some rain.
    Everything looks so still and quiet in your photograph, it’s very peaceful. I’d love to see the same place when there is snow on the ground.

    1. Winter will be here soon, even though I don’t think it will start with this storm. We’ll get tempratures in the + scale next week and it will probably all melt. Autumn and Winter … those are the times I like the best nowadays…

  5. beautiful photo!! Some here still make lingon jam but most here buy it already made in jars. Yummy!!! Our weather is just gorgeous today. And tomorrow but then colder and rain on friday.

    1. Julie,
      They had fresh cranberries in bags so I decided to make some. Besides, they no longer have those lingonberry sauce bottles that I liked so much. So typical…

    1. Joss,
      It is … once I got started it was actually nice! We’ve eaten the ‘kalops’, and it turned out really good. The thing is to allow it to cook for a long time …like two hours, depending on what quality meat you have.

      Beans sound good! 🙂

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