Lately, I’ve experiences something like a «photo block». I don’t know what to shoot. This article appeared before me in Facebook last night, so that really spoke to me! I’m not alone 🙂 Please, take a peek … link will open in a new window. It’s like I put a lot of pressure on myself. Pressure to improve … to go on, to find new subjects …I feel as if it’s not okay to just shoot ducks or squirrels all the time.

The thing is probably NOT to go out looking for it! The author came up with a great project for himself.

Found this Foxglove when I was in Härnösand. Couldn’t believe that they were in bloom then! If you translate the Swedish name of that flower it gets thimble flower. It’s from one of those type of flowers they extract digitalis from. Its effect was discovered by a Dr. named Withering! 🙂 Foxglove is a cute word — makes me envision little mitts for foxes!


17 thoughts on “Block”

  1. Those are really nice. You will get it….I have found to shoot things that you wouldn’t normally think would be cool & they turn out pretty sharp & most like them. I’m ready for your seprate “photo blog”.

    1. Thanks Jason … I have it up now [], but I’m still not sure of the ‘format’… I’m thinking, that I may want to write something too with, perhaps not each, picture.. perhaps even move over there when this year is up… I really like it there 🙂

          1. Not really go away … haven’t made up my mind yet, whether to go on with this one and have the other as pure photo blog.

            The picture viewer, for one. Secondly the integration with my Google account…

  2. I read the recommended article, and I’m not surprised it inspired you after reading it. The author saw the opportunity with street cats, and has made it into a project! Just let your photography happen naturally Rebekah, without restrictions, and you will come up with some superb subjects. When we push ourselves too hard, we can push ourselves away instead of letting things flow naturally.
    The foxglove is a beautiful little flower, and I love the Swedish translation of it – thimble flower is almost as cute as foxglove!

  3. The linked article is indeed very interesting; and he developed quite some rapport— and terrific photos — with those street cats. Didn’t say, Oh too many cats!

    Relax, let it be, keep your camera handy, respect ducks and squirrels —
    You’ll be fine.

    What I’ve been doing lately: just carrying the camera around, taking random photos of the unlikeliest things I think of, and then looking at the results just out of curiosity, not for a purpose. This turns out to be an interesting approach.

    1. Yeah, too many cats seem to be roaming the streets of Odessa! This guy is a Brit … funny how people end up in odd places of the world.. ! 🙂

      I’ll bring the camera wherever I go …as I’ve been doing for the last two years. You never know when you might spot something spectacular.

      I’ll always respect ducks and squirrels! 😀

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