Places I Remember…

an old Beatles-song, that could have been the theme song for my whole trip back to Sweden [except the Skåne part, where I’d never been before].

This is a view from Västerås, where I went to school 1971/72. That’s a long time ago, so I guess it’s only natural that I didn’t recognized all that much.

The areas near to where the school used to be, were still familiar … the street names and so on, and also the downtown area, but that was pretty much all.

In Västerås, I didn’t feel any kind of ‘nostalgia’ or anything like that … it was just so nice to re-connect with my friend Anita, with whom I worked for twelve years and have kept in contact with ever since.

When I look at my pictures from there, I realize that had I seen them, taken by somebody else, I would never have figured they were from Västerås … hardly even Sweden. So much happens with cities in just a few years, and in my case forty years had gone by!!! Also … being sixteen and first time away from home is a big difference to being fifty six!

Amazingly enough, the small café, where we used to hang out, by the river, was still there. We went there one day for coffee and pastries, and I took this outside of the café, which is in the red brick building to the left in the picture.




12 thoughts on “Places I Remember…”

  1. the photos evoke nostalgic feelings within…i’ve never been to Sweden….perhaps i should go one day
    flowing your blog one feels as if they have been there and have seen your home with your eyes

  2. I LOVE the photo of the brick building that houses the café, and the still reflecting canal —
    it embodies what I imagine to be the picturesque charm of Sweden, where I have never been.

  3. It is great to look back, especially with those excellent photos. What is the building with all the windows?

    What an adventure!

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