This day…

I’d planned to devote to filling out forms for my Permanent Residency … at least part of the day. My card (and this is the same thing as a Green Card in the US), will expire in April … imagine that, how time flies! 

It all seemed very straightforward, I had downloaded the necessary documents … or so I thought … had photos taken, and so on. In my innocence I’d believed that this would be carried out in a snap! 

I had overlooked the fact that I had to have something called Supplementary-whatever, and that could NOT be downloaded! It had to be ordered from them, wherever they are. At first, I thought … and this was the reason I’d overlooked it … it was when there were several family members applying. This was not the case, and I finally understood why it couldn’t be downloaded. This document has this area with some sticky stuff where you attach the photo. Also, you sign your name there within a certain box, and they use this to make the new card from.

Now this was a let-down as I now have to wait, probably two weeks, before this arrives. I felt bad … because I had not read the instruction properly and started to sink down in some dark hole. It’s terrible, how I allow myself to become overwhelmed by small stuff! I was thinking of all these endless, motivational sites/blogs that I come across on the web, where they suggest that all adversities you encounter should be considered as challenges … or even opportunities!  I have a really hard time seeing this as an opportunity. Oh well, perhaps an opportunity to shape up and read more carefully next time, but right now all I can do is accept what I cannot change.

Same feeling came over me just the other day, when I’d bought new ink to our printer in Costco. Came home with them only to realize they were wrong! Only because I had mixed up two numbers … where there should have been 34 it now said 43. I had opened the package … there were three of them … and tried one, so I can’t take them back. Grrr… ink cartridges are expensive. I’ve asked my fellow Saint Johners on Facebook if anyone happens to be in possession of a Lexmark printer but so for … no dice.   

Anyway, instead of filling out forms, we made a little shopping trip to Calais, Maine. That was fine … I went through the usual procedure at the border, with finger printing, photo, filling out the form et cetera. It was smooth. $6 and I can go back and forth as much as I want for three months. 

Went to Wal*Mart and Hannaford, the grocery store there. That’s basically all there is. Bought the same stuff as usual … certain cheese, a Caesar dressing that I can’t get here (Cardini’s) and a few other items. Quarter Pounder Cheese at McDonald’s and then back home again. This was our day in a nutshell.  


14 thoughts on “This day…”

  1. If you got the wrong ink at Costco, they should let you return it…they will allow this almost every where…it costs them nothing…they can return it to their supplier and if you exchange it for the right cartridge they don’t lose anything. Try and return it, even without a receipt if you still have the unused ink they should honor your good will.

    1. I doubt it … they were packed three cartridges in one package. I’d opened it, even opened one cartridge because I thought it was right, so I put it in.

      I’ll think about it..

  2. Hi Rebekah,
    Why do things like this always happen with Government red tape, there is always something extra that needs to be done, and why does it always take Government dept. longer than anybody else to send out a form? It truly beggars belief.

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