before going to bed…

I wanted to post a few lines. Most of this evening, I’ve gone through old pictures in my Flickr album … sorting a little, adding tags where I’d missed. In the beginning, I didn’t realize the importance of tags. Even though they’re only three, four years old, they bring up memories.

We travelled a lot to Maine, while we lived in Quebec.  Those times, we drove down through Quebec to a little border town called Jackman, and further down to Skowhegan. From there you could go to Bar Harbor or down towards Portland, ME.

So … our first trips didn’t go to Saint John — we went to Bar Harbor. Near Jackman, there’s a rest area with a look-out point with a view of the Attean Lakes. The first time we stopped there, I was so taken by this view … I never forgot it … I thought even the name sounded beautiful. The first pictures of it came out so terrible so I don’t think I even saved them. A few times later, we had a better camera but that didn’t help much. I think we happened to come by this place about the same time of day every time, and that’s why the light was so screwed up. I really wanted to capture this badly, but I was never happy with the pictures. Especially not when I looked in Flickr and saw what other people had done, but I have this…

When we go to Maine nowadays, we, of course, don’t come by them any more so I doubt I’ll get to see them again.


7 thoughts on “before going to bed…”

    1. Thank you, Jeanne … for stopping by, and taking time out to comment. Maine is basically the only state I’ve been to, but I love it … Maine has so much to offer .. such different scenery — the long, sandy beaches in the south, up to the ragged coast line in the north..

      I’ve also very much enjoyed visiting New Sweden … so interesting, me being Swedish and all..

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