poppyIf you think Saint John is calm and quiet on a Sunday, you should see it on November 11th … Remembrance Day. Then everything comes to a grinding halt and everything is closed … just the way it should be. For about two weeks now, everyone here has worn a poppy on the left side of their coats.

So, tomorrow on 11:11AM 11-11-11, we’ll gather in Harbour Station for the annual Remembrance Day tribute — two minutes of silence, to reflect. This will be my fourth time … the first time, we had just moved in here. It’s a very moving celebration, and it warms my heart to see Harbour Station filled to the last seat with Saint Johners who want to pay their respect.

Coming from Sweden, that hasn’t participated in a war for two hundred years or so, this perhaps feels even more important. We have so much to be thankful for!  The build-up to this day on TV — History Channel in particular — is immense, and it saddens me to no end, to think about us … the human race. Why can’t we just get along….

This particular poppy, I shot in Skåne, Sweden, during my trip. There were a few, still blooming, even though it was late September.



16 thoughts on “poppies”

  1. Poppies are my fave flower. they last far too short here.

    Veterans used to sell paper poppies but we don’t see them much now. There is an occasional ceremony but very few. Rather sad.

    I have never understood man’s inhumanity to man. Makes no sense to me.

    1. That’s sad, Julie-Ann … here, you just cannot miss them. In many cases, they are veterans selling them too.

      I have a hard time telling what my favourite flower is … there are so many that I really like, but the poppy is way up there!

  2. Hi,
    A lovely photo. Yes I have been wearing a poppy for the last couple of days, it is Remembrance Day today in OZ and I went to the dawn service this morning, and will be at a barbie this afternoon. A very nice post to remember those that have fallen.

  3. It is Veteran’s Day here tomorrow. Another event that is happening tomorrow (and I thought of you and your camera) is:
    One day on Earth –

    “Hi One Day on Earth Members,

    It is almost 11/11/11 – so you know what that means — WE WILL FILM THE

    I wanted to remind you of a couple things before the big day:

    1) Everything you submit must be filmed on Friday, 11/11/11
    2) Our homepage will have an “uploader” for you to submit directly to us
    starting Nov. 12th.
    3) To be part of the Archive, you have 30 days to upload or send footage
    4) Edited or raw footage is okay to submit.
    5) Check out this page for more guidelines:

    There are many topics being filmed on 11/11/11. Feel free to check out our
    group pages for some inspiration:

    Thought you might want to represent Saint John.

  4. The human race – why can’t we just get along with each other? I often ask myself the same question Rebekah . . . .
    Love the photo of the lone poppy, blooming so late.

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