three years

Three years ago, at this date, we had just moved in to this apartment. We left Quebec on a Sunday, in our car, with cat McDuff in the back seat in his carriage. Here he is, checking out his new surroundings, but he was in a state of shock the first time.

We arrived in Saint John, some time just before 5PM, we didn’t have any furniture or so because the movers were coming later.

I remember I walked down to the grocery store [thinking about how nice it was that I could take a short walk to the store], to buy some basic stuff, only to find that it had just closed. This is Saint John … on a Sunday everything closes 5PM. My husband went out later and bought some stuff in KFC.

We were dead tired … the whole packing/moving process in itself had been very tiresome … Gerry, in particular had done a tremendous job on emptying the house in which he had lived for almost forty years. Imagine the accumulation of STUFF! Very little I could do there, as it was his stuff, from his working years, book mainly, documents et cetera. He got rid of a lot, but I think a certain accumulation has started again here 🙂 …on both our parts.

We didn’t have a bed (!), so we slept on an inflatable mattress on the floor … all the air went out of it, so in the morning I found myself on the floor.  Besides, we’d thrown our old bed away and were going to buy a new one. We went out to SEARS the following day — thinking that would be an easy thing — but it turned out they didn’t have a stock here in Saint John … the bed would have to be ordered from Montreal, and that would take many days! We thought we’d have to go somewhere else, when the sales woman remembered that they did indeed have ONE, but she thought it would be too firm. We tried it out, and have loved it ever since. Every night, when I climb into bed, I think of how happy I am with it! 🙂

BELL couldn’t come and install the TV/Phone/Internet until the 4th, and I had had to really persuade them to come then because the American presidential election was on that date, and I was really anxious to be able to watch that. They arrived in good order, so that night we watched TV, sitting on hard, wooden chairs.

This first time in Saint John, I’ll never forget. I was very happy and excited … about little things, like walking to the store that I mentioned … also that I could talk with all the people and understand [I never learned French while in Quebec]. I walked downtown too … took oodles of pictures with out little P&S camera. Of course I’m still happy, after these three years, but you know how you get accustomed and start taking things for granted.  That’s why it’s good to write a blog post like this … to reminisce and to remind myself of how good it is to be here.


20 thoughts on “three years”

  1. Interesting for us to see the start of your life in Saint John in photos — and even more interesting no doubt for you!!!!
    Very interesting post, Rebekah. As you say, it’s good to reminisce and be grateful.

  2. Hi Rebby: Wow it has been 2 years already?? Hard to believe!! Love the photo of McDuff checking things out….your place is gorgeous!! I will be in my place 5 years this coming January 2012. I used to move around alot in my youth…now I like having a place to call HOME!! I spent 11 years in the duplex on the West Hill b4 moving here & I loved that place. I love this apartment yet still find it hard to live in an apartment building….people want to chum around & I am more a lone wolf….However I am grateful to have my own place….I was just reading my old 360 blogs about Mingflower & my Mother…brought back such memories… blogs go back to 2004-5…..amazing to read of the past…..:)

    1. Sherri,
      Thanks … I’ve moved a lot too. Once, I thought I’d make up a list of all the addresses I’d lived on, but I tell you … it got too depressing, so I quit. Also realized as I went along, that I’d forgotten a few and had to go back and fill in.

      This place here … I like it a lot. We’ve often talked about how lucky we were to get it — can’t think of any other area in SJ where I’d rather live.

  3. HI Rebekah, 3 years — isn’t it amazing how quickly time has flown? And, you are so right because writing down your memories makes it all come alive again! Three years! All those baby steps lead up to right here and now!

    1. Julie,
      Time flies, huh?! 🙂 I used to have a love-hate relationship with moving, because most often it felt so good coming to the new place and unpack and all that … nowadays though, I just get tired when I think of all the boxes..

  4. Yes, it’s good to reminisce and remember what it was like when you first moved to Saint John; simply being able to walk to the store made an impression on you. See, it’s the little things that count!
    I love the pic of McDuff checking out his new surroundings – so cute!

    1. yes, Barb … I can still recall that exact feeling that I felt when I walked to that store. I understood what all the people around me said … such little things that one wouldn’t normally think about.
      Li’l McDuff is still the cutest guy.. 🙂

  5. Hi,
    It can be wonderful to look back on, and have those memories. I’m sure the older we get the faster the years go by. 😀
    Lovely photo’s, I had to have a smile at McDuff, that is just priceless.

    1. Mags,
      I read something really good the other day about that: how time seems to run faster the older we get. I’m thinking of a way to try and post it here because it was so well put together.
      I’m happy to have photos now … I have NO photos of my earlier life [before the digital camera].

  6. I am so happy that you are contented in Saint Johns.. It would have been terrible if you discovered that it was not all that you wanted it to be.
    Mr McDuff is a beautiful cat and I am sure that once he had adjusted to his new area..that he felt that he was King of his special place.
    Love to you all Rebekah and may you have many many more happy years in your home

    1. Thank you so much, Patrecia for your lovely comment. I felt bad for McDuff in the beginning … think it took him three days to get over the shock. He was so scared and spent all his time in the washroom! He’s the first of my three cats that has reacted that way. But you’re right; now he’s the King, and we live at his place 🙂

  7. All the comments above summarize things I would also say, except one.

    What a great guy, Gerry, to pack up his “stuff” of 40 years and move. Moving can be stressful and to move from the place you call home after 40 years takes courage and I must say a lot of love for you.

    McDuff is probably saying: “Man look at that view!”

    1. Linda,
      Nothing could have been more true! He did a tremendous job on that big house. When he first suggested that we’d move — that’s one of these moments in life that will forever stand out in my memory! I could NEVER have expected for that to happen, even though I’d dreamt about it. That time of packing and organizing was probably the most tiresome time we’ve had..

      McDuff jumps up in the window every morning [beside that door], sits there and looks out over the neighbourhood … looks like he’s estimating the situation out there..

  8. I’ve moved a lot, and reading your post brought a smile to my face because I could visualize everything you were saying. We did the air mattress on the floor, with the same results, too, on more than one move. Glad you have adjusted and settled in. May your life continue to be filled with joy and contentment.

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