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[all links and images will open in a new window] Quite often, people have asked me what I miss the most from my homeland, and even more often; ‘what foods I miss the most’. To be honest, there aren’t too many things I’ve missed because I can get a hold of most food items here or the ingredients. There are a few things though, that I’ve had the urge for every now and then. One friend even asked me if I had any particular dishes I wanted her to make while I was there! That was so kind and thoughtful …

Apart from the breakfast [consisting of filmjölk amongst others], one of the first meals I had was this! Grilled hotdog with mashed potatoes and shrimp salad (!). Yes … you read it right: hotdog with shrimp salad! LOL I’ve really tried to make this kind of — extremely fatty — shrimp salad myself, but so far I’ve never managed to get it right. It has more mayo than anything else, but I don’t know what more they put in there … to make it pink?!

Either way, when Sara and I were in Malmö, I asked her to stop by the first fast food place we saw, and I took a picture of it before I started to dig in! It was delicious!!! And this was just the first …. there were many like this to come — after all, I spent four weeks in the country.

I wanted to go into Malmö because of the third, major reason I wanted to go to Skåne [Sara herself, being the first and Ales Stenar in previous post the second], was this … The Turning Torso! I’d seen so many shots of it, both in Flickr and Google and I was just dying to give it a shot myself … and see it in real life! It was pretty awesome! We also had a very nice walk along the water … saw the bridge over to Denmark, but it was very hazy.

Today, I was reminded, while reading Barb’s post about her trip to the U.K., about one dish that I just forgot to have while I was home: Pölsa!  Barb mentioned Haggis in her post, and the ingredients in pölsa are almost identical to the Scottish haggis. There is also some jellied veal, that I forgot about … guess I was just too preoccupied with all the activities. Next time… 🙂

Today, we were hit by the first No’reaster of the season! High winds and wet snow … it melted as soon as it hit the ground, so … no accumulation. A good day to stay inside and enjoy the storm in the comfort of our own apartment.


10 thoughts on “common question”

  1. I have had a falukorv but not in Sweden, here in Lindsborg. A butcher near here makes them. Very good!!!

    I truly miss filmjölk. I wish I could get it here. Kifir is close and not bad. I have looked for a recipe but there is an ingredient that is needed and it must be ordered. But all those websites are years old.

    I loved seeing the Turning Torso. Just mind boggling. On tv, there was a show that filmed and explained how it was built. Amazing!

    I saw the Öresund bridge and was satisfied but my cousins took me on it to Danmark. I was so excited!!! I would love to take a train across it sometime also. And I saw a tv show about building the bridge. Fascinating.

    We have rain forecast for next week and in some places, a few flakes of snow. How I wish!! We are now 12 inches or 1 foot behind in rain.

    Glad to have you back. Missed you!!! kram!

  2. There are not many things that I miss from Uk but Fish’n’Chips is one…Yes, you can make fish snd chips anywhere in the world but it never tastes the same as that purchased from a seaside Fish and Chip shop. yummy, yummy

  3. I love the Turning Torso building Rebekah, very unusual and good that you got to see it in person. Great shot by the way.
    Shame you never got to try your native Polsa whilst there – but there must have ben lots of opportunities to try other things you remembered – like the hotdog with mashed potatoes and shrimp salad (quite a concoction)!

  4. I love that you got to satisfy some of your food cravings. Food is really tied to memories. I would say that maybe they put some ketchup in the mayo and that made it pink.

    Did you go in the turning torso? What kind of building is it? Fascinating for sure!

    1. Susan, Yes, that’s probably it! Ketchup.

      The Turning Torso is a condo building. You can’t even get in to the lobby… guess you have to know someone who lives there.

  5. How do you make the shrimp salad that goes with the hot dog? What is the taste sensation of the two together (if it’s possible to describe it)? Food memories an connections are the MOST.

    (Glad your nor’easter gentled out. OURS left us with a foot of snow, and devastation of trees all over the landscape, because they hadn’t dropped their leaves, and so the poor flowering trees especially made a kind of “canopy roof” that accumulated wet heavy snow until it collapsed the whole thing. So we have downed and broken trees in every direction, as bad as tornado damage almost, and among the downed were utility poles, so from Saturday evening until last night (Monday) we had no power, no light, heat, hot food or drink, no warmth — and this affected about 4 million people in the Northeast. In our area, as well as in other states, there are still unlucky spots which may not have power returned until Thursday or Friday or later. What a year for violent weather!!!!!!! Sweden looks mild by contrast.)

    1. Guess it’s an acquired taste LOL. Yes, it’s difficult to describe, but honestly … it doesn’t taste much shrimp!

      I’ve seen the terrible damage this storm did to the east coast on CNN. Devastating! We were so lucky here … a few power outages, that’s all.

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