it’s been a while

Not really gotten back into my old blogging habits yet. Besides, I haven’t watched this much TV for a very long time, as this last week.

A few months ago, I think I wrote about the new TV we bought, and the fact that we now get Netflix. During my absence, my husband had discovered a whole TV-series there in Netflix [49 episodes], that he thought was SO GOOD, so I wanted to watch it too. Normally, I watch TV half-heartedly unless it’s something really captivating and I kid you not — this was the most fascinating series I’ve ever seen. «Damages» with Glenn Close, amongst other well-known actors. In this, she’s really at her best … she’s such a gifted actress — like ‘the one you love to hate’ LOL. A good thing too, is that we don’t have to wait a whole week for next episode … it really keeps you on your toes, so you can hardly look away because then you’ll miss something important.

Apart from this, I’ve gone through some of my photos from the trip. They were in a terrible disarray because I had reset the settings in the camera, the pagination of the files is usually set to ‘continuous’, but that had been reset too. Anyway, most of them had been just downloaded to the computer, I had not processed them in any way, and I’m still not finished, I just realized.

One, little highlight, of this trip was that I got to see Skåne. That’s the southernmost area of Sweden and the major city there is Malmö. The landscape is very flat and different to where I come from. There’s this one place is Skåne that I’ve always had a real urge to visit,  but it never happened until now. Ales Stenar [Ale’s Rocks] in Kåseberga is a series of monoliths shaped like a ship, situated on a hill 32 meters above the sea. It’s a magnificent site and there you could almost feel the wings of history. We were the only ones there, which was quite amazing — normally this place is packed with tourists, but this was out of season … thankfully. My niece, Sara [who you can see in the left picture], and I went there on a beautiful day … the drive took about an hour and a half, but we made many stops, so I don’t really know how far it was from her place in Eslöv. This whole area we drove through, is namned Österlen — a name that I’d heard so many times but never seen before. If you ever watched the show Wallander on PBS, it took place in this area.

After this, Sara and I had coffee and shrimp sandwiches in one of the quaint, little restaurants down below — a place that historically used to be a fishermen’s village.

Seeing Sara again, after fifteen years, was just great! We’ve kept in close contact all the time, but nothing beats ‘real life’. We laughed so much, but also went through some older, more serious and personal matters — this was «quality time» at its best.




11 thoughts on “it’s been a while”

  1. I love ‘Damages’!!! An awesome show. Hard to follow if you do not pay attention.

    love your Skåne photos. I was never at Ales Stenar. Next time!! I was at an old huge huge grave that was a mound of rocks. We could walk into it and see the drawings on the walls and where the grave was. I think it was in the Sirishamn area but not sure. Will have to look for it.

    Your photos do remind me of ‘Wallander’. Love those shows!!!


  2. It was good that you and Sara got to spend some quality time together after 15 years of not seeing each other! The internet is great to keep in touch with family and friends, but you hit it right on the head when you said there is nothing like ‘real life’ contact!

    1. It was, Barb .. so much fun, and I got to see her kids that I’d never met before. Now I’ve seen all eight of my brother’s grandkids — before, I’d only seen two.

  3. so good to see you back…the monoliths have faces on the outside…I’ve never seen any except in books…these are fascinating.

    Sara must have been as excited as you to spend time with her Aunt….good for you’ll for staying in close contact. Made the transition to “real life” easier, I dare say.

    1. Linda,
      I don’t think they have faces … they’re just rocks.

      Had a wonderful stay with Sara and her family. It felt different to think that this was the little girl I was holding at the Christening, some 40+ years ago 🙂 …now a mother of three herself.

  4. Hi Rebekah,
    I have never heard of the show Damages, may have to have a bit of a look at it online. 🙂
    Fantastic photos, it is very fascinating the different monoliths that are scattered throughout Europe, there are so many things in history that will always be a mystery.

    1. Mags, Yeah … it’s really thought provoking!

      It’s strange to think about how they managed to get all those rocks in place … not to mention the ones on Easter Island! 🙂

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