it’s intriguing…


While I was travelling now, for four weeks, I often thought of all these people who have to travel! In their jobs! All around the world, all the time … some of them I’m sure have close to two hundred days of travelling a year!

Sure, they must get used to it and not become totally exhausted like I do, but still?! On top of it all, they have to be really fit and spruced up the morning after, in order to make some speech, fix huge server networks or whatever — they must be really alert!

I had deliberately chosen this flight via Iceland, in order both to avoid the hustle and bustle of the world’s major airports AND to hopefully get a glimpse of Iceland [which I did], but I was still extremely tired. I’d seen to that I wouldn’t have to RUN to any connecting flight, which I’ve done before … I want plenty of time to hang around and do some people-watching.  Either way, I hope all these work travelling people of the world have their blood pressure checked regularly! 🙂

The picture today is just a little lake, outside of my home town … out in the middle of nowhere. There, it was peaceful — a «deafening silence», to use an oxymoron, and the lake was like a mirror. All the time I was there, the weather was really co-operating! Only one night there was this rain storm, but that was at night and didn’t affect me in any way.

In blogs to come, I guess there will be little snippets from this trip, as I’m slowly digesting it.



10 thoughts on “it’s intriguing…”

  1. Traveling is exciting, but I imagine not when you are doing it every day – your body clock would get all out of whack!
    Glad you got to see a bit of Iceland; I’d love to experience it myself one day.
    The photo evokes mystery, wondering what’s in among all those dark trees – it’s a great shot.

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