There’s a word…

in the Swedish language — VEMOD. When you look it up in a dicitionary they give «sadness, melancholy» but there’s more to it. I think you have to stir in a great deal of nostalgia into the mix, in order to get the full gist of it.

I can think of almost no other song [well, maybe the theme from Deerhunter, Cavatina], that really tells you what «vemod» feels like … Please, take a listen!

I keep forgetting about WP and the Flash issue, so unfortunately you’ll have to click on the link — couldn’t find it on YouTube.



12 thoughts on “There’s a word…”

    1. No, Joss … it was just that I happened to hear this violinist on TV the night before I left. We started to talk about it … how it somehow touched some inner cord, and that word sort of signifies the whole tune.

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