on this day

I will try and avoid news media as best as I can. Here, I’ve copied something that a friend had written on Facebook. Her words fit me too so..

«I do not need the media replaying things over and over to make me remember. I do not need to be guilted into honouring those who risk their lives every day, for I am already filled with gratitude. I do not need to be reminded of how the world changed ten years ago, because I am forever changed. Therefore, mass media, I am taking a break from you today, for I do not believe an intentional dwelling on sorrow serves any purpose for anyone but you

The build-up to this anniversary on, at least, CNN, has been unbelievable. We don’t watch them as much as we used to, but still … a little. I’ve seen the children … the girl who had to watch a parent die over and over on national TV.

I’ll take this day and do something else … dwell on how thankful I am in general. I’ve wept enough.


14 thoughts on “on this day”

  1. As a New Yorker…I hope this is the last time. Rather than play act at morning, perhaps the politicians and the rest of us can try to fix the world as it is. As a commentator wrote (paraphrase): “It took less than 10 years to rebuild Europe after WWII, we can’t even put up an office building and memorial in that time.”

  2. thank you Rebekah. I too am following your example. We each know the impact that day had on us. Let us live so as to make each day count, with kindness, compassion and acceptance.

  3. Whenever I happen to come across a programme about 9/11 I am hooked up. Not really about what happened, what led up to it or what happened after, but I am interested at how individuals concerned experienced that day. I also thought an interview with George Bush about how he got through the day very interesting. But I understand your sentiment to go and do something else and leave the TV well alone for now, it is way too much.

  4. Hi,
    Your friend on facebook said it all very well.
    Here in OZ we are also getting a lot on TV, papers, as I imagine a lot of Country’s are getting the same. Altogether I think there were people from 90 country’s that died, 11 from Australia. Because we are ahead in time so to speak, we have been getting a lot of stories leading up to the 11th in America.

  5. Thanks to all of you who have commented on this post.

    It’s just that I get emotionally exhausted when watching it all. I’ve cried so much over this and the general meanness of this world so it feels as if I can’t take any more of it.

  6. Your friend said it perfectly. I haven’t flipped on the television yet today and I probably won’t. I don’t need a replay of a day that lives vividly in my memory. I will remember and honor it in my own way.

  7. I so much agree. I have avoided the news. I do not want to see people again falling out of the buildings, the people covered with dirt, bodies. We all remember. We all can look up those photos if one feels it necessary. Remember with dignity not sensationalism. It is not that I do not care but sometimes moving on is healthy.

  8. It was cool how all the football games did what they did, but sometimes you just don’t want to think of things like that. I still can’t believe that it has been 10 years!

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