nothing like a clean bill of health

Today, I had an appointment with our family doctor. Nothing seriously wrong with me, just a little annoying cough that has remained ever since early June when I had a cold.  Once again I was reminded of how lucky we are to have this Dr., who not only is a good doctor, but a real nice guy to boot.

Here in Saint John, there’s a terrible lack of family doctors. All of them are fully booked, the situation is so bad that people who aren’t listed with any Dr. have to go to the ER to have their prescriptions renewed.

The reason we were this lucky, was not via contacts or anything like that — it was pure serendipity. When we’d moved here, Gerry had to go back to Quebec a few times, to take care of some matters with regards to the selling of the house there. He stayed in a motel, a truck was parked outside with some iron rod or whatever, sticking out. He didn’t see this in the darkness and injured his leg really bad.

Now … he didn’t go to the hospital there in QC, instead he put something on the wound and came back here the following day [which was a Saturday]. When I had a look at it, I suggested that he’d go in to the ER straight away, but he wanted to wait until Monday (?!). Finally … after some discussions, [I was pretty upset about this] I guess he just realized that this was going to be a very  L O N G  weekend, and decided to go in.

To make a long story short, it was a good thing that he did for several reasons. This wound eventually became infected and he had to go back to this hospital many times. A nurse asked him who his family doctor was, to which he replied that he didn’t have one. She told him that it so happened that she knew of a new Dr. who was taking patients right then! We called him up, got an appointment and both went to see him, got a thorough introduction that I was very pleased with. He’d been working in ER:s for more than twenty years, I felt comfortable to talk with him in a patient-doctor situation, which I also think is important.

So something good came out of that unfortunate night in QC, and the injury healed really well too, even though it took long time.

After this, we went out for supper. AJ’s is basically a breakfast restaurant — the very first one I visited here in Saint John — but they serve other stuff too. It very … unassuming, and I love their fish ‘n chips, so I had that today.


15 thoughts on “nothing like a clean bill of health”

  1. Glad you are ok. And how lucky to find a doctor! We have the same trouble here. Not in Lindsborg. We have 3 docs and a physician’s assistant who sees patients. But in Salina, there are times where the docs do not take new patients. There are many people who use the ER as their family doctor. Very sad.

  2. Hi,
    Isn’t it amazing how some things turn out. It’s good that you have found a doctor that is easy to talk to and very experienced as well, maybe it was all meant to be.

  3. Doctor shortage is acute all through Western Massachusetts as well.
    We had a doctor we liked in the Berkshires (although not anyone else in his group) and were very nervous with our move what would happen on the physician front.
    But all’s well that ends well (like Gerry’s leg) and we connected with a doctor in a big group that was still accepting patients. We met him for a short introductory visit and BOTH of us really liked him. So we feel very lucky —
    But we didn’t have fish and chips after.
    I’m making a mental note for the next doctor’s visit 😉

    1. Great! I think that’s important …that you like them, get the same one all the time so that a relationship can be built.
      The fish ‘n chips place is almost next to his office …and it was Friday. We eat fish at least once a week, and it most often happens on Fridays 🙂

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