it feels like…

I’ve neglected my blog a little the last few days. This is not good — it has to change because I love my blog.  I admit I got caught up in the Facebook group about my home town that I mentioned. Not that I’ve sat here gazing at that all the time, but the thought process it started … a long line of memories of people, words and places. My memory has worked overtime and things have popped up that haven’t even been brought up in the group. All the enthusiasm about that will soon fade and I’ll get back to a healthy balance between blogging and other things.

After a gray and rainy day it turned out to be a lovely evening. Decided to take advantage of the night light and drove out to the park after supper. It was peaceful there. A few ducks paddling around in the pond, blue jays came to pick up peanuts … squirrels too. Many people also — some running, walking their dogs or just walking themselves. It’s great to see how this park is taken advantage of all year round.

Came back, brought up the photos I took on the computer. Was once again reminded of that LIGHT is everything when it comes to photos. To me, taking photos feels very gratifying.


9 thoughts on “it feels like…”

  1. I have been so busy that there wasa not time to blogg. seem to meet myself coming and going. Today was nice to do nothing. Tomorrow, gone again.

    Love the duck photo. Caught it at just the right time!!!

    Loving our weather here. Awesome. Just need rain. Desperately.

  2. Hi,
    Lovely photo’s. Isn’t it wonderful to have somewhere nice like that to walk around, and also it is good to hear of people using it as well. It looks to be a very peaceful place by your photo’s.

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