yesterday was holiday

and the guy who wrote that article in MacLean’s magazine couldn’t have been more right: Saint John came to a grinding halt, the only thing you could hear was the cry of the seabirds, and I can add the sirens of the firetrucks and ambulances. It was foggy to boot which of course added to the feeling that the world was standing still.

The other day, this beautiful, Blue Heron was hanging out with the ducks down in Marsh Creek. I stood there and waited, as I could see he was just about to take off … and I was rewarded…love those wings!



14 thoughts on “yesterday was holiday”

  1. Hi,
    A great photo, the wait was definitely worth it. The birds legs fully extended, the wings do look magnificent, and I noticed the other birds didn’t seem to move when the Heron took off.

  2. Fabulous shot. You’ve got the patience and the eye.
    And I’ve got the word:
    It is Saint John. Period, end of report. Now I’ve got it!
    (And I read the earlier post from MacLean’s too, but it didn’t sink in.)

  3. Great great shot. Sometimes great things happen if you wait. For me, not today. Tried to get a monarch butterfly with wings open. Ha. Tried to get a great shot of a bumblebee without getting stung. I never got stung but not satisfied with the photos I got. But I did get an odd butterfly that has evolved the rear end of its wings to look like a butterfly that tastes bad. Scares the birds away!!! Second time I have seen one.

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