Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

Went out with the camera today, with paths in mind.

a red path
a green path
classic path
wooden path

Couldn’t make up my mind, hence four pictures.


20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Path”

  1. Three photos? Why not? I know I can never just settle with one – readers of my blog just have to deal with it! ( I like the classic path most, if I must choose)…

  2. Thanks to all of you who commented on this. The ‘green path’ leads down to something called Tin Can Beach here in Saint John. The ‘red path’ is the Harbour Passage … a lovely walk way around the port here. The classic one is one of the numerous paths in Rockwood Park, and the wooden one is out in Irving Nature Park, where you can walk straight out in the marsh … and look at birds.

  3. All of these photos are uniquely beautiful. I especially love the ones that appear to β€œblend” with nature. An invigorating nature walk on a beautiful winding path is a wonderful way to β€œunwind,” and reflect on what truly matters in life. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  4. I like them all, but hte fourth is my favorite. Probably because it is very not-Dutch…. I like making photos like these, paths that seem to go on for ever and ever, when in reality you know it won’t go further beyond some certain point.

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