the remnants of Irene

Yesterday was a day of heavy, humid air and some thunder. Overnight, tropical storm Irene arrived but didn’t cause too much damage here in New Brunswick. In fact, Saint John only got 35mm of rain!  We woke up to a brilliant, though windy, day. Decided to get out and look at crashing waves … at high tide, the surf certainly would be up. We drove out to the nearest beach — Saints’ Rest, which is only five minutes away. Last storms they put up barricades on the road to prevent people from going there but this time they must have come to the conclusion that barricades weren’t enough … they parked a fire truck across the road. There were oodles of people there, with cameras, discussing with the fire fighters, but they were not allowed to go down there. I got some shots from where I stood, then we drove south. The pictures you’ll see here are mainly from Chance Harbour, NB.

As you can see in one shot, a woman was defying the forces and took a swim!

By the way, I’m still not receiving any notifications and this time there’s nothing in my spam folder either. It’s very intriguing.


13 thoughts on “the remnants of Irene”

  1. Great action shots Rebekah, the surf looks wild and woolly! There’s no way I’d be swimming in it, like that irresponsible woman! I hope she is ok.
    It’s weird you’re still not receiving notifications; I thought you had it all sorted.

    1. No way I would have swam in that either! I had fun shooting all the pictures, though.
      I’ll just have to wait and see now, don’t know what to do about it.

  2. Hi,
    It certainly was a wild storm, I saw some awful footage of a lot of damage on TV, but it was really great that it started to die down as it was moving forward. Very wild seas, and you can also see the muck in the water from mad turned up sand etc. Glad to hear everything went well where you live, and everyone was safe.

    1. Yes, all the sand and mud was stirred up so the water looks brown. We were so lucky here, compared to many states!!! Terrible.. They have so much work to do, long after this storm has left the headline news.

  3. Those are pretty nifty photos for being caught from so far away. Glad it was no worse for you. It wasn’t terrible right here where I am, but parts of our town flooded, and of course Vermont is a devastation, so awful.
    Fire fighters and policemen and all emergency tech people are driven crazy by people like that selfish woman — who obviously doesn’t care — or doesn’t have the imagination — to see that she may endanger other people, even cost them their lives, to rescue her if she gets into trouble, as she well may.
    We had four bears in our backyard the day before yesterday — she reminds me of the people who endanger the life of bears because they refuse to take down their bird feeders — their enjoyment of birds is more important than the life of these wild animals.
    (The true saying goes, A fed bear is a dead bear.)
    Ah, here endeth the rant, and glad you are safe and sound!!!!

      1. No, when I say in the backyard I mean they’re, like, 10 – 15 feet away, and I’m in the house looking through the windows! Which are all screened so the photos are a dead loss —
        We’re a little used to it, but it’s always awesome and scary, so I go inside. This time there were two black cubs, a largish brown young’un (with a radio transmitter collar?) and presumably a black mamma somewhere lurking around unseen. I was ringing a big gong to try and chase them away (you really don’t want bears in your shrubbery) and the two cubs scambered up a tall tree, then scooted back down. They hung around relaxing for a while, then moved on.
        Here’s the only bear photo I ever got, from our house in the Berkshires — here again a mamma (she was huge) with a cub showing but there were two more behind ’em:

        1. Understood.

          Even though I know it’s not right and not a good thing … still, it’s so fascinating to think of … for me, seeing a bear that close. I’ve seen ONE … a bit off the highway, driving up to Fredericton. I wouldn’t have seen that either, had not many cars pulled over and people were standing there, pointing into the woods.

          At one point in my life, I was living in a house out in the forest. When I think of all the wildlife we had there and all the pictures I would have been able to shoot, had I had a camera …!!! Once a mother moose, with her two moose babies were standing right outside the kitchen window. A lynx once sat outside the barn…

          1. It was cool in the winter, when there was a crust on the snow cover, to watch the foxes jumping up and down in their attempts to break the crust. They could hear little mice or the likes underneath.

            This, however, was the only part that was cool about the place.

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