random musings

As I placed my first mug of steaming, black coffee on the desk beside my laptop yesterday morning, I sensed movement outside the window. Glanced out, and saw the most beautiful plough of Canada geese flying by. Close enough, for me to see their black and white heads. They were flying south, so I thought perhaps I should call Mayor Bloomberg and tell him they were headed for Central Park.

Speaking of mayors, we went uptown later … around noon, to  the library and also to pick up some pictures in the photo shop. Walked through Market Square, met Saint John’s Mayor Court and he said hi. This is quite common … it’s almost like I see him each time I go uptown, but it made me think about how cool it is to live in a small city. I doubt this would happen in NYC — that you go out for lunch and meet Michael Bloomberg?! We had a cruise ship in yesterday, so it was quite crowded in the shopping centre. Three thousand people it a great deal here. It was the usual ship that comes here twice a week from NYC.

We drove out to the west side, and I decided to do something that I’d been meaning to do for such a long time, namely shoot a picture of a church out there that I like … St. Rose of Lima. Had a photo from two years ago that I wasn’t happy with at all, the weather was nice, so I asked Gerry to pull over before the bridge so that I could frame it better. It has an unusual colour compared to all the other churches here.


10 thoughts on “random musings”

  1. You are right, you would probably not meet Bloomberg out for a stroll. He is too busy being super nanny, destroying the school system, and telling everyone how to evacuate.

    Ooops, my politics are showing… 🙂

  2. Hi,
    I love the church, it seems very much cared for, and the colours are unusual but it looks nice, someone was bold enough to try something different, good on them.

  3. Indeed it is a most beautiful church and what a steeple! There are not many churches that are such a beautiful colour. Ours here in Sushitsa was made of beautiful natural block stone, then they plastered it and painted it orange. Now it looks like a brothel!

    1. Oh my …about the orange! Take a picture of it if you get a chance !
      We have many ancient steeples here, the Cathedral uptown being the one that really stands out.

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