photo memories

Yesterday, when I was about to choose picture for the weekly photo challenge, I had a hard time making up my mind. Kept looking at all my flower pictures … I’ve had my Flickr account since 2005, lots of flowers have accumulated there and in the beginning I didn’t realize the importance of tagging the pictures. Another thing I didn’t realize back then, was that I should have kept them in high resolution, but that’s another issue. I was totally new to cameras and photo …. I knew literally nothing. Now, if I want to find a photo in Flickr, I must try and remember at least which year, and hopefully also, month, in order to narrow it down a little.

Anyway, with regards to this flower challenge … I had another photo in the back of my head that I remembered well. I knew exactly when I’d shot it because we’d just bought a new camera and I was going wild with the zoom. Our first one did have some zoom, but only digital … when you did the zoom all the pictures got pixelated. Like I said, we didn’t know much when we bought it, but we got a very nice printer/scanner with it and I think that was the fact that settled the deal. That printer is still working well after all these years!

These are the four cameras of my life

…and no matter what I do in the gallery settings here, I can’t get them in the right order!

All this took me hours yesterday, and I came across a lot of flowers in the process … so many pictures I’d forgotten. When I see them I remember where I was and what things were like when I took them. Each time I go in like that, I make an effort and tag as many as possible but there’s several years worth of photos that are untagged and in no category either so it would be a humongous task to go through them all.

This is the flower picture I was looking for originally, before I got totally lost down memory lane.


What’s even worse is that this post took me close to an hour to finish. Here’s why: I uploaded all the images I was going to use for this post in one fell swoop … the four camera pictures and the flower picture. I wanted the cameras in a gallery and the flowers separate. No matter what I did in the settings, the flowers appeared in the gallery. Eventually, I had to go into the WP Support, learned that I had to find the image-ID of the picture I wanted to exclude and type that in in the shortcode of the whole thing. Phew! BUT … as usual, I learned something in the process.


16 thoughts on “photo memories”

  1. Nice cameras. I wonder if it is possible to capture good photos with the digital cameras. I do not want to learn how to operate one of those bigger ones. When I look at your photos I think that one would have to have a “good” camera to do justice to the subjects.

    1. They’re all digital … all four of them. Not many people use film any more.
      The bigger ones are DSLR, the type where you can change lenses as you go along.

      With regards to «good camera to do justice to the subject» … yes and no. Certain effects you cannot obtain with a point&shoot camera, but most of all it is the person behind the camera.

  2. Rebekah you are so clever. I have only one camera a Samsung..goodness only knows what model it is.
    I know nothing about pixels or focusing I just aim and fire.

    Mostly it come out fine.

    I loved the pics of your cameras and the flowers are divine..thank you my dear

  3. Well, that photo of the flowers was well worth the search Rebekah, the colours are vibrant, and the sky peeping through the stems and petals is just perfect!
    I like your determination in finding out how to place the photos.

    1. Thanks Barb … yeah, that’s why I remembered that one even though it was several years ago. I also remember it because I was so happy about the new camera.

      About the placing of photos and the gallery; Yeah, that was exhausting but I knew I had to do it, because this problem will occur again in the future … when you want one little gallery and one picture separate. It wasn’t that complicated once I found out.. the thing was I mistyped the ID number at first … grrr 🙂

  4. Fun to see all your cameras!!! Love the flower photo! Awesome!

    I have some of my photos sorted by month/year. But I also sort them by season. I got by the first day of winter to the first day of spring for winter. So when looking for flowers, it is a little easier to find one. And most of the flowers I shoot now are from certain gardens. I started this year to sort them that way also.

    I always write my blog in Windows Live Writer then copy/paste. I rarely write on in WP or Posterous.

    1. Thank you, Julie-Ann !
      Now I have them ordered at least by year and month. I also have a HUGE bunch in a set named Quebec. They are all the ones before we moved. Thousands. But if I at least know where I was when I shot it, that makes it a little easier.

      I’ve forgotten about WLW now again! I think it’s because the editor here in WP is good. This was the first time I came across this issue, and I’m glad I managed to sort it out.

    1. When I came across your blog, I thought you were Swedish people because both Björn and Ingrid are real common names there.

      I totally love my Nikon D90, which is my current camera…

    1. nowadays, I tag all pictures ..diligently, and I deeply regret that I didn’t do that in the beginning. Now it’s so easy to find what I’m looking for. The more tags, the better.

  5. Hi,
    Love your flower photo the flowers have such nice colours, I especially like the way you took the photo with the sky and trees in the background, unusual but a great effect.
    There always seems to be something new to learn about WordPress, and it’s not until you try to do something a bit different that it pops up. But there is a lot of information, and it’s just a matter of finding it. 🙂

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