Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

The WordPress photo challenge this time is flowers (!) It’s been up for two days, and they already have 153 comments. Imagine all the ones that haven’t posted their links there.

Anyway, I assume this photo challenge they have, is to encourage people to go out and take pictures … regardless of what level of photography they are on. It’s a cool idea and flowers … well, we all love flowers, huh?! 🙂 It’s just that I feel like a parrot when I browse around and comment …. repeating myself, because they’re all lovely and beautiful.

Here’s my flower contribution


36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers”

  1. An unusual flower from an unusual blogger —
    But you’re hardly about fluff, Rebekah, even if your dandelion is!
    (BTW, this is an extremely flattering shot of the former dandelion, loved your epithet!)

    1. oh, thank you so much …
      I like fluffy stuff … like snow flurries, clouds and such.
      The former dandelion is aging, like my husband SeanRud so neatly put it here.

  2. whichever photo you see, flowers are always beautiful, there is not a lot more that could be said. I think that professional photographers would take a perhaps more interesting photo but us lesser mortals can still do a good job..

    Yours is very beautiful, I think that it is a dandelion head just before it is blown to the wind, if it is not then it looks very similar.

    But whatever it is I think it is lovely and you have captured it well

    1. you’re right there, about all flowers being beautiful and the professional photographers, but sometimes also an amateur can get lucky. Yes it’s a dandelion head..
      Thank you 🙂

  3. I love your take on this challenge! And dandelions were my kids favorite “flowers” to pick for me. They usually ended up as centerpieces on our dining table for all of us to enjoy. And who can forget when as a child (and as a grandma explaining to her grandchildren) blowing the “fluff” and watching the wind carry it away. Dandelions remind me of sunny, carefree days when even the weeds were a thing of beauty. Thank you for posting a photo of the much maligned yet beautiful dandelion!

    1. Cecelia … oh I just loved this — your memories associated with the dandelion. They’re sunny in themselves.. and when you’d cut them off, you could make patterns on fabrik with their stems — little rings that never washed away.

  4. A beautiful photo! I like fluffiness too.
    Even though we have a hard time keeping the dandelions from overrunning our yard, a dandelion is not a weed when it’s growing where it belongs or is wanted.

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