This morning post connects a little bit to last night’s. That talk about page views and comments, made me take a closer look at it this morning. I don’t have any answer to why they’ve gone down so drastically since May, but I found another little tidbit of information. The posts in my blog here, that have received the highest numbers of page views are the ones where I’ve taken part in the weekly photo challange. I can see why, because that’s the only time when I go and post my link on the Daily Post Blog. Those posts get a lot of more exposure than the others where I wouldn’t bother.

Now … that was really a parenthesis. Normally, I’d consider myself pretty knowledgeable about WordPress and how to find my way around the settings. One thing, I found out the other night, when I read Joss’ post  ‘Seven Links Challenge‘, was that I didn’t know how to find the posts I’ve «LIKED».  I wanted to find one of her poems, I knew I had “liked” it but couldn’t find where in the world my ‘likes’ were listed?! Not until now … this very minute! I even had to change ‘don’t ‘ to ‘didn’t’ here in the line above because I just found it!

You go to, stay signed in, click the tab «Following» and then, in the left column there’s a link that says ‘Posts I Like’. So there … now I know.

I rarely use the «like» feature, I forget that it’s there most of the time, but when I do, it’s often as a bookmark feature for myself. When I like the post or photo so much that I want to be able to go back to it easily. Same thing with «favourites» in Flickr. In Facebook, however, I sometimes use it when I don’t know what to say but want to show that at least I saw it.

My husband found out the name of the yellow flower from last  night’s post: Common Mullein! Now I know … again! 🙂  When I took the shot of it yesterday, it was really the droplet I was focusing on so I brought it up today and cropped it a little … here’s the result.


14 thoughts on “like”

  1. It is just as beautiful..

    I never knew that about searching WordPress..I reckon that there is a lot that I am missing somewhere

  2. I never found the Daily Post Link because I never looked I would suppose. I did know about the “like” button and how to find out what I had liked.

    It is easy to click when I have reused the same words over and over yet they still apply. Perhaps a review of vocabulary words would be in order!

  3. This photos is stunning – with the drop just hanging on … for this moment in time!
    Your advice on how to find others you’ve liked is a good reminder of some of the tools that WordPress offers. Thanks so much!

    1. yes, it’s a little frightened to fall … to take the leap.

      You’re very welcome. I had no idea where to find those ‘likes’, but I guess I’ve never had any need to look for them until now 🙂

  4. Hi,
    The droplet on the flower is a great shot, well done.
    I never worry about my stats, they are always up and down like a yo-yo. 🙂 What I really enjoy about the blogosphere is the interacting with others from different parts of the world, it is amazing the things I have learned. 😀

    1. Thanks Mags,
      I was actually surprised myself, that it came out as well as it did… usually I get disappointed when I get them up on the screen.

      Yeah, the interactions — that’s the best part. I like comments much more than page views 😉

  5. awesome photo!!!

    I used to have more traffic to my blog but it is down also. I rarely get comments. It is fun to see where people are who look here though.

  6. Thank you, Julie-Ann! I have a hard time getting that upside-down image most of the time.

    Without the WP-challenge, I doubt I’d received any comments at all… it’s a wonderful thing.

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