Fundy Fog

The fog has been hanging around here for a couple of days now. Normally you would have seen the ocean in this picture.

I don’t mind the fog, but I know that it for sure puts a damper on many people’s minds. If I’d disliked fog and ended up in Saint John, I would have had a really hard time.

We were meaning to go out to the shopping centre and spend some time there, which would have been a fitting activity on a day like today, but somehow that didn’t happen. Instead we drove out to the grocery store on west side of town, where my husband likes to buy his favourite cookies … Hermits.

As we were already in that area, we went out to the beach, which is just a hop, step and a jump from the grocery store. Only two cars were parked there — not at all the usual line-up.

As you can see, not many metres’ visibility.

I did take some photos today, though … some flowers. Not for the challenge, I’ve already decided which one I’m going to use for that.

Apparently, it had rained overnight — there were lots of nice droplets clinging to the flowers. It’s so humid so it’s almost hard to tell whether it’s raining — you get wet even if it’s not. One picture came out a little better than the others, so I’ll put it in down below.

On a different note, I happened to click on the statistics for this blog. Boy, has that ever gone down-hill since May, when I started here! Not surprising, as I find it difficult to come up with something that might interest people. I admire all you people who comment here immensely. I had not looked there since the very beginning because I really don’t care about it, but tonight I did. I’ve never made any greater effort to «market» this blog [except that it auto-posts to  Twitter and FB], and I certainly don’t feel discouraged by this decrease in page views.

So … here’s the picture that I felt happy about when I brought it up on the screen. Like all other pictures in this blog — clicking on it, will open it in a new tab/window.


23 thoughts on “Fundy Fog”

  1. Brilliant shot of the flower Rebekah, I love the droplets of water.
    It’s nice to see healthy stats, but it doesn’t worry me that much, I just enjoy being here, doing what I do, and enjoying my buddies posts.

  2. As I think you know I am a fog lover. The second shot is wonderful with the people just peeping through and the wave coming in through the fog.
    As for stats, they are what they are what they are. I can’t for the life of me tell why some days I get 20 more hits then others and I am not really sure I care. Unless you are trying to sell something, I think we all do these for our own reasons and are happy when a few others join in…

    1. yes, and so am I … love fog.
      Your last sentence there pretty much summed it all up. We all do it for our own reasons.
      More page views certain days, could perhaps have to do with tag words, title or some such, and that people happen to search for just that.

  3. you make my heart sing.
    You do a wonderful fantastic job with your blog. I view you everyday(when there is one) and if your stat figures are a disappointment to you, then remember as I have been told so often…stats figures do not matter at all, just enjoy what you are doing!

    I still like to look at mine and I do get frustrated, so maybe I should not look at all.
    but it is good to know that you stats figures are low too..yipeee I am not alone !

    I love the work you do, the photos that you take are forget the figures and just carry on ….

    1. Thank you ever so much for your heart-warming words. I’m not disappointed at all … it’s rather the contrary — I’m surprised when I get views and comments.

      They had gone down with about 50% since May, but there could be many factors at play..

  4. I love foggy days! what is this flower? do you know?

    A loyal following is better, in my opinion, than looky loos who are only trying to increase their numbers by just clicking like and not reading to entice you to do the same and oh how I hate the fake poetry thingy.

    Well this did not make a lot of sense.

    1. ‘a loyal following’ … love that!

      I must admit I’m not much into using the LIKE-feature. Sometimes I remember that it’s there. There are times when I’ve used it to sort of ‘bookmark’ a post that I liked so much that I wanted to go back to it.

      However: Just the other night I came to realize that I don’t know where to find my “LIKES”?!

      I thought it should be easy … that I could go into my account here at WP and bring up all my “likes”. Not so … at least I couldn’t find any such link.

      Eventually, I had to go into my comments and search for the user name of whose post I’d liked.

      Could you please elaborate a little about the fake poetry thingy? LOL

      1. I participated in something that was a timed thing and you had to read 18 other blogs and “say something sincere” which I found difficult because a lot of the poetry I did not really like. Then they posted who the community thought was best. That was a farce because they all seemed to know each other and voted that way rather than on content not that I thought mine was best. It wasn’t, but neither were the ones posted as the ones chosen.
        Deliver me from this. I need to remember always that I am writing for me and if it strikes a cord with someone else that is lovely but not the reason for writing.
        When my mother died I wrote about the bits and pieces of her life left. I don’t want to have bit and pieces of paper left without meaning so I try to add meaning. Not all gets written here.

        1. oh my goodness … that was a stupid thing in the first place — the one about reading 18 blogs and say something sincere?! I read a lot of blogs and I comment, but I find that the poetry blogs are the hardest to comment on … for me, that is. I don’t know why. Quite often I like what I read, most often poetry posts are when I revert to the ‘like’ button. If I link them. Then again … there are times when I find poetry that speaks to me … feels like it was written for me. That’s amazing and it has happend once or twice in your blog. Joss’ too.

  5. The fog certainly sets off the flower amazingly well. And the droplets of water! Wonderful effect.
    Does anyone else find fog a little sinister? Mostly I do, although not always. And I think in photographs it gives the most mysterious and charmed effects — like a cloak of invisibility in fairy tales?????

    Anyway about the stats — they depress me immensely, and I check them anyway knowing that’s the effect they have on me, which makes me really dumb for batting my head against a stone wall.
    But as so many have said here — I’m not selling anything, nothing’s riding on it.
    My goal is conversation, me being able to put an idea out there and people connecting — and that has happened with such quality (yeah, you’re right in there) that I’m immensely grateful.

    But I’ll still be checking the stats later tonight 😦

    Signed, Slow Learner

    1. Dear ‘Slow Lerner’,
      Maybe they find it a little sinister because of old movies. Evil things often seemed to happen in fog. I’ve always liked it, but even more since we moved here. There are afternoons/evenings when it rolls in like a blessing. That’s the time of day when we get cooked here during the summer.

      I admit it’s a little sad that the stats had gone down like that. More than 50%. While they were up, it made me sad that so many had visited but choose not to say anything 🙂 Conversation … that’s what I want too. That’s why I need to find something that interests people.
      Signed, Sad Blogger

  6. Hi,
    Foggy days can be amazing, it is like a totally different world, you just can’t see any of the outside world at all.
    A very unusual plant, but I love the flower it produces a beautiful yellow with a touch of red, very nice.

    1. Mags,
      Up here on the 9th floor, we get totally enveloped, everything gets quieter and it’s like the whole world has come to a standstill out there 🙂
      name of the flower in next post 🙂

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