Do you blog anonymously or as “yourself”?

Today, I’ll grab one of the team’s topic suggestions. It was up a few days ago, I went over there now and read all the comments. Very interesting reading indeed, and they all had valid reasons for their choices. After all, it is a personal choice … what amount of transparency we want to put out there … at least I think so.

First off; I’m blogging as myself … almost. My name is Rebekah. My family name is not stated anywhere. Not even in Facebook. If anyone were to google my full name, spelled exactly as I spell it, they’d have to browse a tremendous amount of hits before they’d find me. I just tried it … browsed about ten pages of Google results and I was nowhere to be found. That’s a good thing — that’s the way I like it. In Facebook they’ve really tried to argue for everything to be public, and even Google tried something recently, when they released Google Plus. They didn’t say that you had to state your own name … only the ‘name you were known by‘, so that’s okay … could be a screen name or whatever.

I’m not selling anything, I have no desire to ‘brand myself’ on the web. I write my little blog here, which is rather personal at times … I’ve stated where I live and of course, if someone really put their mind to it, I could be found … no doubt about that. What it all boils down to, at least in my case, I guess is a security issue. Even more so nowadays, with all the face recognition programs. A Google Image-search for my name and “Bingo!” — my face would show up there! Someone takes a picture of me downtown somewhere with their cellphone and run it through one of these programs?! No way … guess the more you know, the easier it is to get paranoid.

I have nothing to hide, I don’t express any opinions on controversial topics like politics or religion but still … I do prefer a little privacy. Now that I think about it, I should have kept it totally anonymous, with a screen name, but it’s a little late for that now 🙂 The little chipmunk here above, however, leads a very anonymous life in Rockwood Park! He’s only here now as a ‘decoration’. I know where he lives, though 🙂


18 thoughts on “Do you blog anonymously or as “yourself”?”

  1. Hi,
    I totally agree, for my part of course it is more security reasons than anything else, all my friends call me Mags, and have done for years. I’m the same no last name anywhere, I’m not on facebook. I also have nothing to hide except my privacy.
    I love your photo, he looks very content there, he has a beautiful little face. 🙂

  2. In retrospect, I should have been using just a screen name, but as you say, it is too late. On FB, I am me. Partly so friends from the past can find me. But nothing of my FB shows to anyone but friends. On my blog, etc, I used a nickname, not my given name. But the way of the world to day, anyone can find anything they want about anyone they want. Not much we can do to stop it. I try not to be paranoid and worry. I have a friend that just goes nuts thinking about it. She sees every website as trying to manipulate your mind, even innocent ones. and of them spying on you. She is driving herself crazy. I try to just relax and be as safe as I can.

    1. Julie,
      nah, I’m obviously not overly paranoid either. I’ve met people like you describe and she’s just hurting herself. ‘Accept what you cannot change’…and all that.. or stay off-line altogether.

  3. I post with my blog name but my real name is on the blog. I am me on FB and LinkedIn. If they want to track and find you on the net they will. The only way to prevent it is to go completely off the grid and my family does not want to do that…

    1. If I had a business, or were looking for a job it would be a whole different story. Like I said in an above comment, I’m not overly paranoid and sometimes I wonder if this ‘security issue’ is a woman-thing?!

      I’m very well aware of that I could be found, whether I’m online or offline … I just want to make it a little harder.

  4. Well, she has dropped off FB completely. I miss her there. But she would turn her FB on, read and comment, then turn it off again. Of course, her comments then disappeared. I clued her in. Her paranoia finally won. She is driving herself nuts over things we cannot control. Chill!!!

  5. I agree with what you say Rebekah..some things should remain private… not necessarily because you do not trust your bl;ogging friiends but loads of others have access to WordPress and you could be leaving your security wide open. Better to ere of the side of being secure

    1. oh yeah … this is absolutely nothing about my blogging buddies — it’s the fact that the blog is public! I like it to be public but there are always two sides of the proverbial coin 🙂

  6. I regret giving my real name etc but the deed is done. Its a personal choice as you say. I do have my facebook as secure as I can but I think it is impossible to have it completely done. However I too have nothing to hide. I am an open book lol and I live quite a boring life lol.

    1. Wow…how cool to see you here, Marian! Thank you for stopping by! You know … sometimes I get comments on this blog IN Facebook, and sometimes I’m tempted to copy them over here so that I have them saved.

      Yeah, I’m pretty much fine as it is … I just saw this topic and thought it could be nice to write about. Hope all is well there on your green island 🙂

  7. I started out as anonymous and then my family found me. I would have rather that it had continued that way. Then they all wanted the book and I had to put up the icon so I would not have to give it to everyone independently by email. It has become a hassle. At first I did not use any real names because noone had found me on blogger. Wish I had stayed there.
    Team FREDNET is owned by my son and I and that is o.k. for people to know.

    I am tired of all the privacy invasions but to late to take any of it back, I think.

    1. Yeah, I think it’s too late now too. I’m so tired of privacy invasions too. I have another, very good, reason, for not wanting to display my full name: If someone actually were to google it, they’d only find hundreds, if not thousands, of more or less pornographic images (!). Only two people in Sweden spelled our names exactly the same way — myself and some kind of porno queen from a Sw. reality show. She committed suicide last February, but that made the search results even more numerous.

    1. Jason,
      Yeah, well … so do I — blog as myself. It’s just that I have a little issue with my full name. I could never blog with a whole ‘made-up’ persona. That would be weird..

  8. it’s not something I have a strong opinion about. Well obviously since I use my name on my blog. But I have a number of friends who have had issues with stalkers so privacy can be a very important security issue.

    1. Joss,
      I don’t have such strong opinion about it either … just a little concerned sometimes. I think I’d been able to write more openly, or in a different way, had I been totally anonymous.

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