…just love the blog

The other day, the blogger RANDOMACTSOFWRITING, was brought to my attention by TOUCH2TOUCH. This is one part of the whole blogging concept that I truly enjoy — the networking, the way we learn about one another’s likes and dislikes. Jen, over at RANDOMACTSOFWRITING, and I certainly have a thing in common about our feelings towards Summer! (All links here will open in a new tab/window, so don’t worry…) Yesterday, she’d posted a list entitled «Summer Top Ten» … a beautiful post about things she loves about summer in spite of the fact that she really loathes it. I may or may not take her up on that, but her blog is definitely worth a visit — really entertaining.

Even though I may write that kind of top-ten post at a later date, one thing I can say right away though: I do love those occasional, cooler days that after all DO occur… because they remind me of how much I love life! Also the overcast days — in my opinion, nothing beats taking flower photos on a cloudy day! The colours seem to really pop. Yesterday was such a day!

Butter-and-Eggs, is one of my many favourite wild flowers! Now is the time of year when they’re beginning to come out again.

Today’s looking really promising too, so I’ll just get myself off this chair and get on with my day.


14 thoughts on “…just love the blog”

  1. I have never seen or heard of that flower but it is lovely. I was inspired to photograph today. We had a shower so hoped to find rain drops on flowers. Think I did!

    love that blogg! Will follow it!

  2. I love those little egg and butter flowers – cool name for them!
    Checked out Random Acts of Writing, and signed up to it – it’s great, thanks for mentioning it Rebekah!

    1. Yes, Barb … the name Butter and Eggs is as cute as the flower itself! I really enjoyed that blog so I wanted to share it, as it had been shared with me 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I went over and visited Random Acts of Writing, and your right it was well worth the visit, and one more that I will add to my RSS. I love your photo, beautiful colours in the flowers.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Mags! I never use the RSS … I tried for a while to get used to it but never managed. I think I should learn to use it, especially with blogs that are outside the WP.COM system, so to speak… it gets difficult otherwise.

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