a good morning

Snow Angel made by me in QC

As I was waking up, just about half an hour ago, I felt that this was a wonderful morning! «Morning has Broken» with Cat Stevens immediately started playing in my head.

What made this morning so different from all the other, recent awakenings, was that I wasn’t soaking wet, the air was cool and fresh with no humidity at all. I feel almost euphoric … it’s such a difference!

I know it’s too early, this won’t last … it’s only the 9th of August, and this summer probably has lots more to give, but I wish I could somehow keep this feeling … like being on a high without chemicals.

Autumn and Winter are seasons that I love, so why is it that I cannot stay in this elated state?! I should be out rolling around in the leaves or the snow instead of just thinking «well, yeah, it’s nice!». It’s like that “new car feeling”…it gets dull after a couple of weeks.

In any event … I’ll try to keep this feeling as long as I can … and fill this day with something good. Don’t think that I’ll be able to change the world or make it to the history books, but still … on a lower level … I can smile and say something nice to a stranger perhaps?! Tell my husband how much I love him … he already knows that, but we can’t be enough generous with the «I love you:s».


19 thoughts on “a good morning”

    1. Linda, Those temperatures in the triple-digits, are unimaginable to me! I’ve never experienced that, and I think I’d DIE. Well…maybe once, in Florida, but that’s so long ago and I was younger..

      Glad that you’re enjoying your stay in MS..

  1. Enjoyed your post. As a “hot weather lover” (I was born and raised in Louisiana), I am the opposite of you. Spring and summer are my absolute favorite times of the year. . .weatherwise. I am married to a gent who was born in Poland however, and his idea of a wonderful vacation is to go to one of the polar caps on a scientific expedition! He planned our Montreal vacation a few years back. . .in the dead of winter. It gets quite interesting around here. Good thing we love each other so much ! : -) Enjoy your day. The cooler weather is not too far off.

    1. Cecelia, LOL @ the polar caps! I can see that it gets quite interesting.. 🙂 I would probably be more okay with warm weather, had it not been for the mix of humidity and hot.

  2. Morning’s are pretty cool here as a rule, but that same feeling was with me this morning…I think I must have slept better last night than usual. Woke up at 6 and then slept until 7…just enjoying the light cover and drifting in and out of sleep for the hour. Getting up actually felt good for a change. The difference between us is that I don’t look forward to snow with your same happy anticipation. But, the lovely summer mornings feel really good.

    1. Angh! Here it’s a combination of the weather and this hot building. Only when the wind’s out of the north we get nice, fresh air in the bedroom. I’m glad that you too felt good this morning. Yes, I like white, fluffy snow … not the wet type that freezes on the sidewalks, or the dirty stuff in the early Spring..

  3. Hi,
    Winter is nearly over here in OZ, on the 1st of September it will be the beginning of Spring. When I was younger I used to love to see the end of Winter, and I loved summer, now that I’m a lot older I’m the opposite, not looking forward to when summer comes back with the heat and humidity, and the dreadful summer storms.

    1. Oh, I’ve changed too! Big time! In my younger days, I wouldn’t miss an hour of sunshine … I’d be on the beach, getting a tan. That was long before all this scare about malignant melanoma, and before I saw how a suntan sort of underscores all the wrinkles in my face 🙂

  4. Well, I don’t feel that good but much better than usual. Amazing what better weather can do for one’s state of mind. And state of body. Nice to look at the forecast and see lower temps and raindrops. See if it comes true!!! I also love autumn and winter. And a cool spring with lots of flowers.

    1. Julie, It certainly makes a big difference … my whole outlook on life changes 😉 Hope things will look up for you out there …those temps must be deadly!

  5. Enjoy it while you can Rebekah!
    As an Aussie, (although born and bread in the UK), I feel as Mags above does – our winter is coming to an end, and so will begin our hot and humid summers which I hate. I feel exhausted all the time. Give me our winters any day – nothing like yours of course! We have cold nights of about 5C degrees, and warm days of 23C – just perfect!

    1. misguided nostalgia LOL! I went there and check out her blog — finally someone who understands … I read all the comments 🙂 We’ll get that rain tomorrow … and I’m totally okay with that.

      Cold and snow … that you can DO something about, more clothes, blankets. With this hot/humid weather you can’t do anything … sit still and cry while my brain is slowly melting perhaps?! 🙂 Today was a really good day, though!

  6. it’s been a week of high humidity and no sunshine here. ugh. today is still overcast but cooler and not so muggy. When it is too hot and humid, it just seems to bake your brain cells and all your energy!! hang in there, cooler, more comfortable days are ahead.

  7. Rebby our weather is much like yours…in fact we get it first & then I pas it on to you, lol!! The past 2 weeks have been perfect: cool nights & warm sunny days w/out that dreadful oppressive humidity. I hope that the humidity stays away but i think we might have a bit more….isn’t weather fascinating?

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