doing what I want

Each day, I get those topic suggestions from the Daily Post-team. I read them, but rarely go for them now. In the beginning, I used them every now and then. Yesterday’s topic made me think a little, though and I went and read the comments there.

The question was «If you could spend a day doing anything you wanted, what would you do?» The answers were very varied … some wanted to sleep, others watch series on TV, hiking, doing photography … you name it!

I started to think about this and come to the realization that I can do that most every day … what I want, that is. If I wanted to sleep all day, I could do that … or watch TV … or spend the whole day out taking pictures. How many people find themselves in such lucky circumstances?! Once I even had a job where I thought it felt like a lot of fun to go to work in the morning.

Guess I’m just a very fortunate person and yesterday I was lucky enough to get a few shots of [one of] my favourite birds too! I could hear his characteristic sound, so I put a few peanuts out, and waited patiently. I was rewarded 🙂

There was a couple of a certain age, in a van there. They had a huge bag of bread — double the size of a regular grocery bag — and the man had a whistle of some sort. They made the most incredible sounds I’ve ever heard … I don’t know what they expected to see or attract, but only pigeons showed up.

My guy here, is really fast when he picks up the peanuts, so it’s all a matter of staying focused. Of maybe ten shots, two or three came out sharp.

I never get tired of trying though … because he’s so beautiful!



19 thoughts on “doing what I want”

  1. don’t they have the lovelies tail feathers! Life truly is grand when you can spend the day doing what you want! I had a bunch of paperwork to do this morning, hmmmmmmmm, went out in the drizzle and got some nice wildflower shots instead. I figured the paperwork wasn’t going anywhere and would be waiting for me when i got back to the house. And, of course, it was.

  2. Hi,
    He is a beautiful bird, I love the different patterns of blue on his back, some look like actual squares, very pretty indeed.
    I feel it’s always hard to photograph animals, most are quick and by the time the camera is in focus they are gone, you did very well to get these photo’s.

    1. Mags,
      I sometimes wish that my main interest would be to photograph landscape or architecture … things that stand STILL *LOL*, but landscape was never my strong point. It is difficult, and sometimes I get so disappointed when I bring them up on the computer screen and see that they aren’t sharp.

  3. I’m like you Rebekah – I can pretty much do what I want with my days now that I’m retired – and I love it. We are very fortunate.
    The second shot of that pretty little bird is fantastic – just look at the colours in his tail – exquisite! A shot to be proud of.

    1. It is a blessing, Linda … I worked since I was 17.

      Also started to work here in Saint John … for two days (!). Then we sat down and talked about it … figuring that wasn’t the reason we came to Saint John … our whole existence here got altered. So … I quit that.

  4. Bluejays are fast. I have better luck when they are on the ground with just grain. They are lovely birds. Mean but lovely.

    1. yes, and it gets a little bit easier when they have to get it from a feeder instead of plain sight, like this.
      I’ve heard they are bullies, but never really seen it, because there seem to be only two around there in the park..

  5. I love the bluejays! Such vivid colors. Your post was quite interesting and got me to thinking. My life is pretty good right now, but there are still things I would like to do more of. Maybe I’ll spend some time thinking about it and figure out how to get more of the joyful things. . .like photography, hiking through the woods, taking in more of the natural world, visiting with friends and family, etc.. . . into my life. Very nice post. I enjoyed it.

  6. The bluejays here seem to get along at the feeders. But they are known to eat bird eggs in nests. I have seen that. the poor other bird mother screeched to no avail.

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