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The other day, I heard the head of the provincial tourism department [or whatever it’s called], talk about that the tourism this summer was going really good. I don’t know how true that is, but this is the third summer we’re living here in Saint John, and I haven’t seen many American licence plates. We’re out every day and I really do look at licence plates because I think it’s fun to see where they come from when I notice one outside of New Brunswick. I have seen a few, of course … mainly from Massachusetts. The odd one from Texas and one from Alabama that I remember. When you see cars from California or Washington state, it’s amazing to think how far they have driven … all across the continent! The picture above, from last year, is obviously one from Canada’s North West Territories. I always thought that was cool with a licence plate in the shape of a polar bear!

I don’t see them all, naturally, but we do have the Reversing Falls here, where tourists line up, and the other two summers I’ve been here I’ve seen a selection of cars from all over the States. Had I been adamant about it, I think I could have got one pin on every state except Hawaii, but this is not any of my obsessions …. it’s just a fun thing.

The other day, we met a young couple from outside Montreal, down in Indiantown. There’s absolutely nothing there, except a nice view, perhaps, of Spar Cove. Gerry talked with them, and it turned out they’d used GPS to get to the Reversing Falls! Ahh … the wonders of modern technology! 🙂 As we were going to the Falls, we directed them to there.

Another aspect of this licence plates thing, is the blogging 🙂 Sometimes, I’ve seen cars from places where I know I have fellow bloggers here in WP.  Quite often the cars have little labels from the dealerships so then you can see the town or city.

Yesterday afternoon, we happened to be driving through a part of the city where many, cheap motels are line up. Hardly ANY cars at all parked outside! It’s probably this whole economy thing that causes it…


17 thoughts on “tourism ~ Saint John”

    1. One of these days I hope to be a tourist to Saint John. If ever I do, I’ll call you and maybe we’ll meet over a cup of coffee, or tea if you prefer. Wouldn’t that be fun! I enjoy checking out the license plates, too. In our area we get them from all over the country, and along with diplomats. Enjoyed the post, as always! 🙂

  1. Interesting that you saw most US license plates from Massachusetts — we’re farther away than Maine or New Hampshire. After Cecilia’s proposition of a “someday” visit — I thought, Gee, that would be nice.
    Then I checked out the miles from here to you — and it weighs in at 503!

    That was always a lot, we’re not much for long distance driving, but now
    it might as well be to the moon! Thank goodness for virtual space — where travel takes so little physical effort.

    (Who knows, though, maybe you guys are more intrepid and might someday make your way down here. You’d get a hearty welcome! OTOH — first comes SWEDEN!)

    1. I think, in the old times, LOTS of people from Saint John moved to Boston … before everything got so complicated. So, almost everyone here has some relative in Boston. There are often cars from Maine and New Hampshire [Live Free or Die!], but Mass. is definitely in majority.

      Wow … is it 503 miles! We might very well go down there one day, and then I’ll bear that in mind … i.e. you. There are so many places there I’d love to see, BUT first comes Sweden on Sept. 17th.

  2. The polar bear license plate is really neat! Well, I will be in Boston for 2 weeks beginning August 23. My summer has been one of travel it seems.

    Interesting to know who all makes it to Saint Johns.

    1. yes, it’s cute … I remember so well the first time I saw one!

      Hope you’ll have a good time in Boston and that it will be cooler than where you are now!

    1. yes, Joss … it’s fun to see where they’re from! We used to have licence plates back home when I was a kid, so that you could see which county they came from, but they’re no longer around.

  3. Lindsborg is a tourist town so we lots of people from all over. I have always looked at tags on cars. I remember when I was little and we were in the Rockie Mountains a car passed us from the same county as us. We all waved and waved!!! Probably would not happen now. I get amazed seeing cars or semis from Alaska. Long long way away. Once in a great while I have seen a tag from Hawaii. And every blue moon or so I have seen a car tag from Europe.

    1. imagine that … to have ones car shipped over from Europe?! Perhaps, if you’re moving here for real and have a special car … I don’t know, but I’d imagine it would cost a lot!

  4. I think you are right about that. It is the economy. It’s so uncertain I believe people are not traveling like they used to and possibly not at all in some instances. Within the next month all our schools are starting back up. I have noticed that the traffic here in town is horrendous and that it is bumper to bumper any day you go into the city. This is a first. Also gas prices have been really high this summer. Love the polar bear plate. Never seen anything like it.

  5. A lot of those were military cars. Don’t see them much anymore, but I remember seeing several. Maybe the military used to put them on a huge plane but for a private person to do that — yikes!! Easier to buy a new car.

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