Lots is being written on that subject right now, around the web … not only here in the blogosphere but also in Facebook — at least in my circle of contacts. They even have a little application where they post something like ‘Today’s Gratitude’ or some such.

So … I thought I too should add my ¢2 worth, because I’m so grateful for so many things. I will have to limit myself a little in this post otherwise it will go on eternally. If we for a moment disregard the most obvious things that I’m always thankful for … Gerry, my husband, our cat, health and so on … there are also many other things on different levels. That I was born where I was, for example … Sweden. A country where we’re taken care of from the cradle to the grave. I could have been born on Africa’s horn, where they’re really suffering under the worst drought in the century.

This leads me to another, often overlooked thing: The shower. Now during this heat wave we’ve experienced, I’ve showered two, sometimes three, times a day. The unimaginable luxury of letting water spray all over you … not having to walk barefoot in unbearable heat for a little can of water [in the best of cases] … How come that I was this fortunate and do I deserve it?! I don’t have any answers.

Sometimes, downtown, or during a little walk down to the grocery store here, I think about how I must focus on the now … to truly appreciate this feeling of joy over being here … this friendly place on the North American continent, and how it was made possible for me to come here. Strangers say HI to me, calls me ‘hon’! I know it doesn’t mean much, but I suck it all up and feel good about it.  Again … did I deserve it?!

The fridge: Quite often … almost always … I get annoyed when we come back home from grocery shopping and I unpack the bags. The fridge is so full, so it’s really difficult to get anything in there. Those are the moments I must really stop and think!!! First off … we have a fridge … and an apartment … a HOME! I don’t have to sleep on top of some air vent outside a restaurant in Washington D.C.,with some old newspapers as a blanket! We have a bed that is heavenly! Secondly … I’ve lived through times when the fridge has been empty, and I’m thankful for those times too. They taught me something … to be humble, for example.

I won’t list every thinkable disease I could have suffered from … I’ll just mention one condition that I think might be a little misunderstood or overlooked. It’s rather, a combination — social phobia and panic anxiety disorder. I don’t suffer from that, and for that I’m also eternally grateful. I can go out, do my shopping, stand in line, take a bus or a flight anywhere, go to a movie theater … and be totally calm and cool about it. My heart won’t race, the room won’t spin … I could probably stand up and give a speech in front of a big bunch of people if I tried. All of the aforementioned things would be impossible for a sufferer of this syndrome. That often strikes me in all kinds of situations …especially the ones that involve lots of people around me.

So … in order to sum this all up: Often we go out to the ocean. I sit on the shore, watching the tide … either rolling in or going out … I think of how little I am and how short my time here is … one could perhaps think ‘how insignificant my time here is‘ … That, however, I won’t know …until later, perhaps 🙂 and again I’m reminded of how important it is to me to try and live in the now. Not wasting my precious time on regrets … old choices … or about tomorrow, which I can’t even be sure of.


18 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. Hi,
    A wonderful post. Yes we are very lucky that we were born in a good country. I totally agree with everything you have written, and I am thankful everyday that I am free to go about my day with the comfort of a home to come back to.

  2. Such a good post. I was born in a different country to you, and I’m still living in the same one. I would echo everything you have said. I’m so grateful that I was born into such a time as ‘now’. My parents saw great changes throughout their lives – we have too. So very much for which to be grateful.

    Thanks for being such a regular visitor to my blog and a faithful comment leaver. I’ve had so little time to read, but I will soon have more time on my hands…… 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 Ten years ago, it would have been unimaginable to me, that I *wouldn’t* live in the same country. Yes, we’ve seen great changes too, but I think the ones that came before us saw even greater…

  3. Wonderful post reflecting life and thankfulness for things often taken for granted. If you touch one life with kindness and bring joy, your life has been significant. It is the little things that matter…kind of like pennies…if we watch the pennies we spend, no need to worry, then about the dollars :^).

    America is home from birth. Not sure how proud I am to say that at this time. I wish the Media did not play out each moment of our day in what they think we should know.

  4. you summed it up very well. let’s not waste our precious time on regrets … old choices … or about tomorrow, which we can’t even be sure of. Rather, let’s be thankful for all the special things, special moments, special people that grace out life.
    walk in beauty.

  5. Yes, you deserve it! Everybody deservs it. Not everybody gets it, ever, during their lifetimes, but that does not mean they should have gotten if, if they got what they deserved.

    Hmmm, not sure I’m making a lot of sense here?

    1. Hej Morrica,
      Your user-ID reminds me that perhaps I should have kept my old screen name “Morrling” LOL
      I think you made a heck of a lot of sense! Thank you for stopping by..

  6. I’m with Morrica. It isn’t about deserving —
    It’s about being grateful.
    Odd — A blogger I follow under one name turns out to have another blog, which is called
    Perpetual Gratitude (!!!!! Serendipity, anyone!

    Call them gifts, call them the luck of the draw, call them coincidences — whatever —
    Your post acknowledges all the different kinds of things you are grateful for, and that is sufficient.
    Wonderful post.

  7. This is wonderful post. we so agree about all! I think these same stuff. I said this morning to sister how grateful I am to have roof over head and what to eat. Really, these things are so important, like shower, fridge… I(‘m grateful for it all. I’m all the time grateful for internet.

    In last 3 weeks (since I’m having some health problems) I am so thankful for fresh air, and sunny weather.

    1. Sorry you’ve been having health problems, Doris… hope it’s nothing serious?! Seeing the sun and getting some fresh air … those are the real basic things that are priceless. Get well soon..

  8. It is wonderful. Makes me take pause. I think every day how lucky I am and how things could be so different and sometimes I feel guilty for having it so good. Sometimes I lose sight of the fact of how lucky I am. But I always come back to the fact. I used to write on a post it something I had to be thankful for and put it on the mirror where I would see it in the morning.

    1. Suz,
      Thank you … There have been times when I’ve felt a little guilty too, but I don’t think I should … just be thankful. That note on the mirror is really a great idea.

  9. Wonderful post. Being able to recognize the things . . . simple and complicated, mundande and profound . . . for which I am grateful helped me get through some really tough spots in my life. Loved this post.

    1. Thank you, Cecelia … I’m glad you liked it. I felt like writing that post … so that people won’t think all I do is whine and gripe about the heat LOL

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