little birds

Today was a hot day. I looked at the forecast and there’s no relief in the nearest future. We went out for a swim. At first to the place that I posted some photo from a few days ago. It’s a very convenient place with changing rooms, a canteen and so on. Not too crowded, considering it’s Sunday. It was very refreshing with a good swim. After that we went out to the ocean … Saints’ Rest Beach, which is a few minutes outside of town. There were a few people wandering along the beach … it was terrific, hardly any wind at all, little wavelets lapping the shore.

Lately, I’ve felt that my photography isn’t going anywhere. I don’t know where it would go, but it’s like I keep shooting the same things over and over. The other day, when we went to Fundy Trail Parkway, I took oodles of pictures, only to find out that they were almost identical to last year’s. Now, that might not be so strange, as there are those look-out places where you stop. When I look at their own webpage I see almost the same pictures as my own. Apart from that, I think it’s the heat that’s causing this loss of inspiration … it’s the same thing with this blog.

At Saints’ Rest, there were little shore birds today … really tiny creatures — they look so fragile with their thin legs. I usually don’t see any birds at all there except a few crows and gulls. Out in the marsh though, there’s sometimes a blue heron hanging around.

So, as I was watching these little guys, trying to get a little closer — at a given signal the all lifted, simultaneously! Even though they were quite spread out, the whole group took off at the same time, out over the ocean. It looked like a swarm…

 This is the last blog for July 2011. Seven months of daily blogging … five months to go!


17 thoughts on “little birds”

  1. What I would not give for a dip in some cool water…… None here.

    I am not inspired with my camera either. Somehow photos in the groceries store or Walgreen’s just aren’t getting it!! And there are few wildflowers this year. And it is too hot to go looking for anything. I hate this summer but the truth is our summers may be exactly like this from now on. A scary thought.

    Love the little birds. I wonder which one is in charge and what kind of command it gives to leave.

    1. Julie-Ann, Yeah, it’s kind of too hot to go looking for something … I think of those rolls of hay, and then I can very well imagine what it’s like where they are. Unbearable inland.

      Yes, one wonders who’s in charge of giving commands?! 🙂

  2. I am still enjoying your photos Rebekah and once it gets cooler over your way, you will get your inspiration back and go out looking for those ‘special’ shots again! It’s just too hard in the hot weather to do anything!

    1. so true, Barb … I think it’s the weather that’s causing all this. It was a wee bit cooler outside today, and even that little change made a difference…

  3. I actually enjoy having to shoot the same area over and over again. It really forces me to move my eyes and look at what I am shooting. What is new and different, what new perspective can I shoot from? Of course I am being rather monomaniacal in my subject matter this year… 🙂

    1. yeah, but the Hudson is ever changing! I like birds and animals the most, and they don’t always cooperate 🙂 Landscape was never really my strong point … I rarely get it the way I want it.

  4. Hi,
    Great photo of the birds gathering on the water, sometimes it is so hard to get shots like that because of the speed of the birds, so good on you for managing to get this one.

  5. For someone who is not inspired, you still show us photos that I enjoy to see very much! I often make photos of the same scene over and over again…., it’s just that you like what you see and you have your camera with you, so shoot away! I bet later this year, in Sweden, you will retrieve your inspiration just by being in a completely different area.

    1. Gerda, Yes, for sure … during the trip it will be a whole different story. And yes, I always carry it with me … wouldn’t risk to see something awesome and be without camera! 🙂

    1. Joss, Plovers! I think that’s it, now that I think about it.

      Today looks like a scorcher, and so does the rest of the week.. I’ll do my best, and you too!

    1. Yes … inspiration IS out there — I realized that today, because I saw a cool reflection in a big window … I missed the shot, but at least the thought was there 🙂

      Yes, mid September comes Sweden. It has still not really settled … it feels a bit … unreal 🙂

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