images in my mind

We, who are taking part in the WordPress challenge Post-a-Day-2011, have been posting and reading for more than half a year now. I’m subscribed to a few blogs … I read their posts, comment when I can … it’s like I know them a little bit — some more than others. Sometimes I wonder if they feel the same about me — like they know me a little?!  Some, I’ve seen pictures of, others I’ve never seen. There have even been bloggers that I couldn’t say if they were male or female.

The ones that I’ve never seen, I tend to make up an image of, in my mind — not consciously, it just appears after reading for some time. It’s like I can see them for my ‘inner eye’, so to speak. It’s the same when I read a book — if it’s good,  I can ‘see’ the characters.

Had a strange experience about a week ago: Was looking at a picture in a blog — clicking on it somehow took me to the person’s photo storage site, and I came across a picture of herself. I had not seen her before [no, I won’t say who it was], but it was the spitting image of the one my mind had made up. It was almost eerie…

Earlier in life, I’ve met people that I’ve talked to for a long time on the phone at work … and I’ve almost exclusively been wrong. Once I was fairly right, but not even close to this time.

How about you? Have you ever had any experience like that … that you’ve gotten to finally see someone, that you’ve only talked with on the phone or communicated with online?

It doesn’t really matter if I see the bloggers or not — it’s all about exchanging thoughts and ideas. I just wanted to write about this because it was so spot on.


11 thoughts on “images in my mind”

  1. Oh, yes!!! My son had a guy apply to work for him. And he did hire him. He called here often to leave messages. He had a nice voice. I pictured him with dark hair and a white cowboy hat. And very good looking with a nice body. When I met him, he had dark hair and a white cowboy hate. But. He weighed in at around 300#. Huge!! And when I got to know him, his voice was not pleasant. He was totally not like I thought.

    1. Julie, Back home, many years ago, there was a girl working in a tobacco store. She had the most pleasant, beautiful voice you could ever imagine. I always thought she should have been a radio person or some such. Radio … not TV. She too was extremely obese — probably 150 kilos or so. Poor girl … she probably had a cute face, had it not been embedded in all that fat.

  2. Not often, but it’s happened. And it is VERY disconcerting.
    Mostly I’m not a visual person. It was only a couple of years ago that I discovered that lots of people, in reading, pictured characters and whole scenes almost as if they were seeing a movie.
    I never do that!
    What startled me was discovering that I hadn’t even realized it was possible!

    1. Now, that I read your comment and think about it, I realize that I must be very much a visual person. Always when I read books, I picture not only the characters but also the places and scenery. That’s how I sometimes get disappointed in the choice of actor when they make the movies … Take the Da Vinci Code, as an example…. I don’t know that I necessarily would have chosen Tom Hanks. He was good alright, nothing wrong with him — I just didn’t see that character like Tom Hanks.

      In books, the author makes a point of describing people and places … in my case here, it was a little different, as it’s just a blog.

  3. I’m always having the opposite experience. People will say to me, “Oh you don’t look anything like I thought from reading your work,” or “You don’t look at all like you sound.”

    I’ve been spot on about some folks and dead wrong about others. Like you, I picture book characters and can see described scenes in my mind. I remember being so disappointed in the actors in Gone With the WInd. I’d never have cast Leslie Howard as Ashley Wilkes nor Vivian Leigh as Scarlett. However, Clark Gable WAS Rhett Butler!

    1. Pauline,
      First off; Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ve only read your comments in J’s blog, but I’m already seeing a little image of you 🙂

      I’ve always thought Leslie Howard was wrong for that role!

  4. Apparently I sound as though I’m tall, blonde and slim.

    I’m not!

    Sometimes meeting someone from a phone conversation can be really disappointing. Well done for being so visual.

  5. Hi,
    I had been commenting on this particular persons blog for some time, and I had a picture in my mind of what this person looked like. About 12mths ago, this person put a picture up in their blog, and I was way off, nothing at all like I thought, in fact nearly the opposite. I also picture everything while I am reading, I tend to bring the characters to life so to speak, and it does make the book more interesting.

  6. Years ago I had a very nice telephone conversation with a colleague I had never yet met. When I met him during a meeting, he was so completely different to my imagination! I had imagined a handsome, tall man, a bit of South European looks. I was really looking forward to meeting him. He was short, fat and not likeable in character either…. I have never been more disappointed… LOL!

    1. Gerda, LOL … that’s another part of it — sometimes they seem to be entirely different in character too! It’s so strange. I think many people have had the same type of experience as you did there…

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