MacArthur Park and Seinfeld

Blogging can be more fun than usual somtimes. Yesterday, I was reminded of an old song that I remember so well from my youth, but had not thought about for quite some time. When I was in my early teenage years, my brother gave me an album with Waylon Jennings for my birthday. One of the songs there stuck with me forever … MacArthur Park. For some reason I’ve found, throughout life … none of the people I’ve met have known about this song … even the ones that I’d have expected to know [not sure whether Angharod and I talked about it, though]. Yesterday, as I was reading through the day’s posts by the ones here that I’m subscribed to … what do I see, if not MacArthur Park.

Long before I moved to North America, the show Seinfeld was airing in Sweden … it was very popular and most people watched it. Except ME! I heard them talk about it, I didn’t know what it was — I thought it was some kind of talk show like Larry King. The main reason I never bothered to watch it, was because it was on very late at night, and I got up 5AM every week day.

SO…the very first Seinfeld episode I happened to sit down and really watch, was the one when they’re in the laundromat and Kramer pours concrete into the washer. That was when I’d just moved to Quebec. I laughed myself silly and was hooked forever. Now I’ve watched every episode several times and almost know the lines by heart. If Jerry Seinfeld knew how much I’ve learnt from that show … not only laughed … but learnt expressions, and about North American life … I think he’d be pleased.

Now … to the point of all this: In one episode, called The Statue, I was really surprised to hear George Costanza say: «When I was 10 years old, my parents had the very same statue on the mantle, in our apartment exactly and one day I grabbed it, as a microphone. I was singing MacArthur Park, and I got to the part about “They’ll never have that recipe again” and it slipped out of my hand and broke»

I could hardly believe my ears … like I  said; nobody I knew, knew the song and secondly — at that time, I had not thought about it for maybe twenty years! Now that we have Internet in our lives, I know much more about the song than I ever did before.


11 thoughts on “MacArthur Park and Seinfeld”

  1. Hi Rebekah,
    I have seen Seinfeld a few times, we also get the show down here in OZ, and the repeats are still on here for all the fans. The shows I have watched I have enjoyed, but I’m not a follower so to speak.
    I have never heard of that song before, I think it’s wonderful you picked up on it in an episode of the show, good on you.

  2. I’ve never heard Waylon’s version of MacArthur Park, but I’ve always liked the song; I think a lot of people think the title has to do with a cake in the rain…emphatically the most memorable line.

    We may never have discussed it…odd since we’ve talked about so much music over the years. I liked Richard Harris’s version….and used to equate MacArthur Park with Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

    As for Seinfeld, I never much cared for the show although I did watch the farewell episode. Some of the characters were memorable…but for some reason the show just didn’t appeal to me…the same goes for Friends…I just didn’t watch it more than once or twice. Now if they ever syndicate either show on a channel I get I’d probably turn them on in the middle of the night and catch up on both series. *S*

    1. Angh,
      Yes, that’s the line one remembers … the cake LOL. And no, I don’t think we ever talked about it — many others though [if I’m ever back this way 🙂 ]

      That first episode of Seinfeld that I ever watched, was on a night when I really needed a good laugh, and that was probably what did it for me. Friends, and the likes, never appealed to me.

  3. I do know that song, not sure why though.

    Love Seinfeld. I too know what they are going to say before they say it. One of my fave episodes was when the reenactment of the baseball player spitting on them, a parody of the Kennedy assassination, sort of. I also like when George came running out of the bathroom, yelling, and fell on his face, pants around his ankles. And the line I remember most is ‘Maybe the dingo ate your baby’. And watching Elaine dance —- awful!

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