toes in the sand

Moments like this, I’m thinking; summer isn’t all that bad after all.

 I like this, that I can blog from my phone 🙂 As soon as the inspiration hits me, I can pull up the WP-app on the BlackBerry and post. When the weather cools down, I’ll probably be back to my morning blogging habits again.


7 thoughts on “toes in the sand”

  1. Hi,
    Isn’t it wonderful to see family’s out and about and enjoying themselves, it seems an ideal spot for family’s, I noticed the roped off area in the river, a very good idea.

    1. Mags, It’s a great place! As many ocean beaches there are around here, I like this little place! It’s convenient … it’s well kept — you don’t have to look out for crushed glass in the sand all the time. There are changing rooms and a little cantina…

      Yes, they have this roped off area, and life guards..

  2. It would be nice if it was just a bit cooler ( don’t think I shall be saying that after my 10 days in the UK)

    Great photo Rebekah!

  3. IF I was there, I would think the same. We are actually cooler today. Only saw 100 briefly. But. But the humidity was horrendous. We cannot win.

    1. if only this building would magically cool down it would be a great time. It’s a cool night and tomorrow we’ll get rain …. or so they say 🙂

  4. Lovely! I wouldn’t mind a day or more by the sea. It’s very warm here at the moment (though raining, too, by the sound of it!)

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