The sun is setting right now, after a very, very pleasant day. The wind turned to north all of a sudden, last night. That, apparently wreaked havoc in the northern parts of the province and left a mere 18,000 households without power. We didn’t notice anything of that though … just a good night’s sleep thanks to a fresh wind coming in all of a sudden. What a blessing! I don’t know for how long this will last, but that doesn’t matter … I’m thankful for every minute of it. This time of year, we’re also blessed with pretty spectacular sunsets almost every night. I know that some photographers consider it «cliché-ish» to shoot sunsets, but I have more integrity than allowing myself to be affected by such futilities, that so here goes …

This is not tonight’s sunset … it’s from two days ago. When I started taking part in this blogging challenge, I would never have guessed that summertime would be the hardest time to keep it up.


12 thoughts on “Sunsets”

  1. We are nice now, but during the day it was horrendous. Saw 111.7. Ick.

    I like shooting sunsets or sunrises. No matter what anyone says. Nice photo there.

    1. That’s terrible Julie-Ann! Our nice wind has died down now, unfortunately. If one would care about everything people say, one would end up not taking any pictures at all…

      1. Isn’t that the truth!!! We are now 78F with a nice breeze. I should go out and enjoy it!! maybe I will for a bit.

        1. Oh, that sounds wonderful … it’s almost 11 o’clock at night and absolutely NO wind now. Was just outside on the balcony for a while… getting warmer.

  2. Beautiful sunset with the orange-lined clouds – and you got the sun going down in it too! It’s a lovely pic – don’t listen to others about what you should or shouldn’t do regarding photography – just go for it! Look at what you got!

  3. Hi Rebekah,
    A beautiful photo, I actually love photo’s of sunsets and sunrises, the different colors you can get are wonderful. Sorry to hear it is so hot in your neck of woods, try and stay as cool as possible.

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