billowing fog

I think this was the hottest day so far, but it will get worse. Yesterday, we, here in Saint John, were sort of ‘saved’ by thick fog all day, and now this evening it’s rolling back in again.

It feels like my brain is slowly melting or possibly boiling. I have nothing much to say but as I want to keep up this daily blog, here’s a song that came to mind … had not heard it for years.

Hope you’ll enjoy…


15 thoughts on “billowing fog”

  1. Never heard this before — but a lovely song to soothe boiling brains —Love the dissolves from one beautiful vista to the next.
    Thanks for a cool present on a hot day, Rebekah!

  2. Hi,
    I have never heard this song before either, but it is beautiful, and thank you for sharing.
    Sounds like it is really hot where you are, as you know here in OZ we are in our Winter, but our turn is coming.

  3. Hope you feel better. I think the entire North American Continent is sick. I have had a stomach virus now for 2 days. It is to hot to walk even at 5 a.m.

    Wonder if we can just go to sleep and maybe wake up when it snows?

    1. I feel sick to my stomach too … maybe some stomach flu in the offing?! Wouldn’t that just be the frosting of the cake!
      Chile got lots of snow … think I want to go there..

  4. No fog here yesterday but heat and humidity was almost unbearable. Makes me kinda glad we’ve had a not so great summer so far. Cool weather, rain, beats temps in the 30s Celcious.anyday.

    1. Last night’s thunder & lightning kept me awake almst all night. A little rain came down with that, but that just added to the humidity…

      It was a beautiful show, though!

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