Nothing really pressing on my mind today, so instead I’ll just post this cool and relaxing video of a landing at Los Angeles airport. LA isn’t on top of my list of places to go but I like the video.


Stay cool, bloggeroos! πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “LAX”

  1. Cool video! Been to LA and LAX. No need to go back. Love to go to San Francisco or San Diego though.

    I always wonder where strange or frightening dreams come from.

    Miserable again. Our low last nite was 85. Too hot. Now it is 99 at 1130am.

    Keep cool. Dream of snow!!

  2. I have seen this before but had forgotten about it. I think LAX is an exciting airport to fly in to. San Diego on the other hand is very scary as it is right beside skyscrapers in town. San Francisco I have flown in to once and I think it is the prettiest to fly in to.
    I don’t fly anymore though so I will just have to live on my memories.

  3. Hi,
    I have never been to LA, so it was my first visit. I loved the video, so well done, and taken from the pilot view, something a lot of us don’t ever get to see. I thought it was really good that they put the names of the places they were flying over, again a great video.

    1. Mags,
      someone had posted this video somewhere … I can’t remember if it was here in the blogs or in FB, but I wanted to sort of ‘re-post’ it because I liked it πŸ™‚

  4. Most enjoyable plane ride I never took! Relaxed in my own desk chair, I could really ENJOY the approach and the landing and the lights and all.
    Great way to end the day. Thanks, Rebekah.

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