No photo

Yesterday, I didn’t take one single photo! That’s a little unusual. The folder for 19/07/2011 is non-existing. I always, always bring the camera when we go out … I just don’t want to risk coming across something awesome without it. Then I would bite myself in my non-existing tail.

There are some of my own photos I like more than the others … some, that I’m really pleased with — of course, otherwise I wouldn’t go on taking pictures. I’ve put them in a folder of their own in my Picasa. When I look at them sometimes, I realize that most of them wouldn’t have been shot had it not been, thanks to Mother Nature’s cooperation. Very few are of buildings or structures. Maybe that’s just not my ‘thing’. I really love those rolls of hay, but this year I haven’t come across any so this shot is from August last year. We went out that day in order to shoot hay bales, and boy, did we see some awesome ones. I think it was the hottest day of that year — each time I got out of the car, I almost suffocated.

HässjaThis is what it used to look like, back home, when I was a kid. I never see these structures … hay racks … anymore. In Swedish it’s called «hässja» and that’s both a noun and a verb. Nowadays you only see those big, white ‘balls’. A comedian on the radio said that he’d thought they were eggs laid by UFO:s 🙂


13 thoughts on “No photo”

  1. I loved that post. It reminded me too of being a child out in the countryside and seeing all the bales neatly stacked in the fields..
    The Swedish hassja are really rather cute. They look like weird cattle but i bet that it is an efficient way of drying the produce.

  2. Hi Rebekah,
    The photo of the hay racks “hässja” really look like people went to a lot of trouble to do these, I noticed there are sticks in the ground holding them up, and I assume there is something under the hay that they have put the hay on. It looks like a lot of labor needed to be used for these hay racks.
    I can only go by what we do here in OZ, but hay rolls are all done by machine now, which I assume would save the farmer a lot of time and energy. Would this be the case in Sweden now as well?

  3. When I saw the second photo, I thought they looked like long-haired cattle – till I looked closer! It’s a good way to dry out the hay, but very labour intensive I would have thought.

    1. I guess it was very labour intensive back in those days … the ones in the picture are the simplest kind of rack … I’ve seen higher ones too.

  4. ALWAYS have my camera also. Or my mobile phone.

    Love the bales. And, I did see hay like that in Sweden as we drove through the countryside. Mostly saw the bales in white plastic but not all. I was fascinated with how it used to be done. One farmer had his lined up and over them was a wire with coloured flags. We wondered if the birds were pecking holes and he was hoping this would keep them away.

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