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is entitled «Colder Weather» and that’s not just after the Zac Brown Band song — it’s what I pray and hope for right now. Not only for myself but for many places in North America.

The humidity here is unbelievable. As there is nothing anyone can do about it, you become a master of self-control. I’m letting my hair grow … it’s now reaching my shoulders … and it feels like a thick, fur hat. Most of the time I have to put it up in a pony tail because it gets really warm around my neck. I did some minor cleaning-up here in the apartment yesterday and all the time I kept thinking about the midwest where they have temperatures in the 100’s [40’s C], but it doesn’t really help even though they would be happy to have our temperatures.

We had a cruise ship in yesterday. This picture is from last year, but that doesn’t really matter because it’s the same ship. She comes here a couple of times a week from NYC. At least yesterday they could see something. There was a ship in on Monday, and then the fog was so thick so the only lasting impression of Saint John must have been that they didn’t see anything.


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  1. we have not been ‘blessed’ with any of that mugginess so far this year. Normally long before now we have our window a/c units in but they are still on a shelf in the basement. It is actually more like an October day today than summer. Part of me likes not having to suffer from the heat, another part would like to see some summer weather!!

  2. Rebekah,
    I am a hot weather person myself, having been raised in the deep south near the Gulf of Mexico, but this weather is too much even for my thermostat! I am concerned about the people to our west, especially those who do not have the where-with-all to access cooler climes. Hopefully this heat wave will dissipate and give way to more pleasant temps SOON! As to hair, I cut mine SHORT because I couldn’t handle the heat. Best to you and hoping for a reprieve for us all.

    The ship looks lovely…very pituresque. Is this view from your apartment window? Wherever it the view, it is lovely.


    1. It’s very tempting to have it cut short again, but I will not give up this time … not now when I’ve come this far.
      The picture was taken from the other side of this building … our windows are facing north..

  3. I always kind of wondered about the blog title, and now it is explained!

    I bet you get a minimum of six months of winter, though, a couple more of transitional weather, and then only about two months of summery summer (if that). So it’s your “grin and bear it” time — like an Arizona summer, or a Berkshire winter.

    Only solution I can think of for all of us: move to Hawaii! (But it’s not very practical.)

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