a glorious morning

north endGot up earlier than usual, because Gerry was going to have breakfast with an old friend who was in town. I hardly slept anything at all last night, due to the heat and humidity, so I was kind of in a daze but the beauty of this morning sure was an eye-opener!

The second fog bank you see to the right, is over Kennebecasis River.

When I’d dropped him off at the breakfast place uptown — there’s so much road work going on, so it’s hopeless to get a parking — I went to Rockwood Park for a while.

It was quite pleasant, but the higher up the sun got the hotter it got, so I didn’t stay long. It had rained overnight so I tried to capture some nice droplets. I’d even remembered to bring the tripod.

Tomorrow, we’ll have visitors. Friends from Quebec City are coming to see us for the day. We might take them on a little tour down to the little fishing villages and eventually to St. George — a very picturesque little town. We’ll see.


18 thoughts on “a glorious morning”

  1. Hi,
    What a beautiful photo of the fog, you have captured it beautifully, and how good to get a photo of a droplet about to fall, very nice.

  2. Great photos!!! I read where to bring along a spray bottle of water to create your own ‘rain drops’. Good idea!

  3. A nice misty look about the first photo Rebekah – you captured the fog wonderfully! Same as the tiny droplet on the plant – awesome. It was worth the effort of getting out of bed early to drop Gerry off, you must admit!

      1. Vet du, att jag förstår dig för här har vi också haft värme + hög luftfuktighet och då blir jag alldeles matt och orkar inte göra annat än söka svalka. Nu är luften torr och vinden sval, härligt för en gammal käring som jag 🙂

  4. Thank you for the pictures Rebekah.

    Hope you will have an enjoyable day with your friends from Quebec

    love Patrecia

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