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This is a photo I took for a photo challenge I was taking part in, in Flickr about a year ago. The topic that time, was «layers».

Tonight I was thinking that the challenge used to be a lot of fun, but like so many other things online, it became too overwhelming …. at least for me.

There were several hundreds of people taking part and it was growing all the time. I just couldn’t keep up with all the postings and commenting. When I looked at my Inbox in the morning, I just wanted to go back to bed … it felt like a JOB! I have a certain system with my Gmail and I keep very few emails in my Inbox … only the ones I haven’t dealt with.

With this Daily Post thing, I’ve tried to be really careful, so that it won’t happen again, because usually I give up then  — walk away. So far, so good.


14 thoughts on “layers”

  1. When I read your comment, for no particularly good reason the line popped into my head, good advice for attaining a goal:
    Softly softly catchee monkey.

    Made me smile. Maybe it’ll do the same for you????

  2. I would miss you and what you discover on your drives with Gerry. The photos are awesome.

    Only comment when there is something you wish to convey…otherwise, those of us who know you know that you had nothing to say. Sometimes I “like” something but have nothing to add.

    Hope those thoughts help in the “commenting” arena.

    I truly write for myself and some days I have nothing I want to write.. Some days I am sad and when I read other blogs, I feel better, but may not have anything to offer.

    Blogging is a way….a timeline…for me.

    Don’t stick your head in the sand, so to speak, cause when you pull it out we will all be here waiting to read what you saw down there beneath the sand!!

    1. Thank you, Linda. I’ve sort of made an agreement with myself to only comment when I have something to say. Or to hit Like when I really like it — not just to show that I’ve been there.

      Sometimes I can’t comment because the subject is totally beyond me, I don’t understand what they’re talking about. Sometimes it gets clearer when I read the other people’s comments 🙂

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