this is also Saint John! I took this photo during a photo walk we had a couple of years ago. A photographer’s nightmare, one would think?! Here it’s almost impossible to get a clear shot of a building without power lines. Of course, you can always manipulate them with the help of Photoshop or whatever editor at hand, but in this case, I wanted to show it as it is.

This summer, they’re fixing up Union Street (not in this photo), and I hear that all power lines will be buried. That’s a good start. The traffic situation uptown … especially around lunch hour … is insane, due to this road work, but I’m sure it will be really nice once they’re finished in October/November. Saint John is not only the Captial of Fog but also of POTHOLES. The roads are atrocious and to drive on aforementioned Union Street you should have at least a 4X4 or some terrain vehicle.

Doesn’t matter … I love Saint John anyway … it’s a gem!



15 thoughts on “power”

  1. This goes to prove something-or-other —
    Like, to try and hide something, power lines, in this case, doesn’t often work very well —
    but when you put them right out there front and center,
    the result is very powerful! (pun intended)

    1. I rarely edit that way in my photos. I have tried it, so I know that I CAN. The question is; what is it that I want to achieve with my photos … do I want to show it as it is .. or not?! Usually I try as best as I can to avoid them while shooting the picture instead.
      This one was shot in order to show just power lines.

  2. Hi Rebekah,
    What an absolute mess all those power lines have made. It is a fantastic idea to put them underground, it’s of course very costly but all worth it in the end. We have a lot of trouble with power lines in a few places here in OZ, in severe storms they often come down due to trees falling on them, being underground would take away the danger, and the problem, often talked about but never done. 😦

    1. same thing here, with the storms … and the snow! The snow weighs down on the branches and consequently the power-lines too… so we get power outages..

  3. Personally I think that the power lines add to the interest of the picture. Otherwise it would just be building either side + a blue sky.
    No I definitely think it is great with the lines. It adds character!

  4. we had friends visiting from France a few years ago and one of the things they couldn’t get over was the power lines everywhere!! yay, for burying them underground. They’ve been doing that in Ontario for years now.
    That street has an overwhelming number of them for sure.

    1. Even though I’ve lived in Canada for close to eight years, I didn’t pay attention to power lines until I came here. In QC they’re buried, so also back home. Besides, I wasn’t into photography then either 🙂 Well…at least they’ll be buried on Union Street … it’s a start !

  5. Those lines make a good statement. We don’t have overhead power lines, but the old houses (we live in one of them) in our street still have overhead telephone lines. That makes photographing sunsets frustrating.

  6. Those lines are ugly. There is an awesome theatre in an old church. It is an old stone building. No way to take a nice photo due to power lines. I have edited them out. Once. Lot of work. A Swedish friend is a sustainability expert and said it would be best to bury all the lines. But in places like Tokyo where the city is in layers, how would that work? Here where I live they just replaced the huge towers with electrical lines that go across the state. They were sort of silver. But the new ones are larger and an ugly rusty looking towers. They have ruined the countryside. Burying those would have been so much better. And it is not healthy to live under those wires either.

    1. There is some discussion going on here about towers too … new tower that are about to come up in one of the most beautiful residential areas here. I think they’re losing the battle … towers win.

  7. Oh yes! The power lines become the subject and focal point! I love it more than if you were just taking a photo of one of the houses! Very cool capture!

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