things you really ‘need’

COSTCO opened here in Saint John a little over a year ago. I’ve mentioned that before. We often went to Costco in Quebec City too so no big novelty there. They’re all the same. I was never a big fan because it feels like walking around in a large storage hangar or some such. I’m more into malls … with marble floors, green indoor plants and little fountains.

Now … Costco has been [and is] both good and bad on a personal level. Most of the time, they have this food sampling … senior citizens with little kiosks, offering you to try something. In Quebec was the first time I tried cheese cake. Cheese cake was something entirely different to me, before I tried that, and I was hooked! Big time!!! That did bad things to me … it’s so easy to gain a few kilos, but to get RID of them — whole different story! I’m off cheesecake now and still struggling hard to get rid of the kilos.

The good side of this is that I get to taste stuff that I normally wouldn’t. Jalapeño filled peppers, cheddar filled smoked sausages, European wieners … you name it!

We go there, at least once a week, to buy certain things that we use/eat all the time … like now it’s raspberries and blueberries that are very reasonably priced. The Norwegian cheese, Jarlsberg, too.

When you enter the store, they always have stuff that’s on sale, piled up there. Yesterday, there was this lamp that you see here above, amongst others. Before I walked in there I wasn’t even aware of that I «needed» this lamp! Now it sits here on my desk and it is great for twenty bucks.


20 thoughts on “things you really ‘need’”

  1. I don’t like CostCo or any of the big barns – 2nd circle of hell as far as I am concerned – but we do go occassionally. THe first time we went after it opened in NYC we were cruising one of the giant random product aisles when Abigail (who was an 11 year old wiseguy at that point) came running over with a box in her hand and said: “Look 144 Flavored condoms. Who needs 144? at school they said one was enough.”

  2. Hi,
    It really sounds like a huge place, I don’t know if I would like it or not, if they stocked different things than the norm it would be worth going to I feel. I must say I like the lamp, it has a very nice shape to it, good buy for the price.

    1. they basically have the same stuff that we’re used to buying in ordinary stores, but it much larger packages. This is wholesale … you have to have a membership.

      sometimes they happen to have some oddities that are good quality to very reasonable prices. A pack sack I bought there, which is a computer/laptop bag at the same time, is really nice. Made by the same brand as those Swiss pocket knives… about twenty bucks there too.

  3. Our local Sam’s Club (part of Walmart corporation) oftentimes have food to taste. I have learned to never taste any. Once in a blue moon I might but rarely.

    I love that lamp!!! Wish I had somewhere to put one like it. And a bargain!!! Good buy!!

    1. Julie-Ann, I love the type of light it brings … excellent for reading. I may have to think twice about all the food sampling there … the cheesecake turned out to be a disaster .. In younger days it was so much easier to lose a few kilos. Not so any more…. grrrr

        1. There’s nothing much I can do about eating habits … it’s the lack of exercise, and there I don’t seem to have any will-power left. Sad.

          1. I cannot avoid eating with diabetes but I need to move. So hard to motivate myself!!!

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