Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

a little bit late for this week’s challenge, but I really love clouds and I wanted a picture that I was really happy with …


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky”

    1. I think I was pretty close to that a while back… 🙂 Missed a nice moon shot tonight because I waited … wanted it to get closer to the horizon, but then it disappeared behind a cloud bank over the river .. Pfft…I don’t know how many times I’ve made this mistake..

  1. Before I even opened your photograph I knew it would be something spectacular and it was.

    such colors, what a talented lady you are.

    Bit more on the Swan Hotel Guildford.. My source says that she believes that there was a Swan as you say but she is checking it with her sister and finding out what it is now.

    The mystery of the missing hotel is being uncovered

  2. i have heard from my niece who lives in Guildfordhe says that the nearest Swan Hotel was in Chiddingford. It may be that it closed down and has been renamed.
    Ah well we tried!

    1. Hi Patrecia, and many many thanks! Now I’m getting uncertain myself, because I googled Swan Chiddingfold and I think that was it! Both the building from outside and inside the bar rings a big bell. The more I look at this building, I’m pretty sure this was it.

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