In order to get a post in for today, I’ll just say a few words about mosquitoes … or rather, ask a question. Why is it that they’re drawn to certain people (=me) and ignore others?!

I’ve heard all kinds of suggestions throughout the years … that they don’t like smokers (false!), that you should eat vitamin B (false!).  Maybe they like my blood type (B+)! Gerry and I took a short walk through some woods today and I came out with at least five bites. I even saw one sitting on my camera lens trying to bite IT! Pffft…  Gerry sounded surprised .. ‘Oh, were there mosquitoes … I don’t think so!’ but oh, were they real.

Nowadays, I carry some sort of pen in my purse, it’s Benadryl and it actually works. It stops the itching and the bites don’t seem to turn out as big and painful as they used to, so that’s a good thing, but I’m still intrigued … what it is that I have but many others don’t?!


17 thoughts on “Mosquitoes”

  1. I have heard if you wear any kind of fragrance that mosquitos are attracted to you. I keep bug repellent near at all times. Willie gets bit but I never see him scratching. I get bit and go nuts!!! Someone said to put clear nail polish over the bites to stop the itching. Sort of works. Sort of. I had one on my neck and dared not scratch it. Did not need to look like I had a ‘hickey’ on my neck!!! It drove me nuts!!!

  2. I have the same problem. they just love me. When my kids were little, we camped a lot and often I would have twenty bites and they might have one! I just wish whatever it is I have that they like, would go away!

  3. They like good fresh meat to bite into, young and tender but also they have a taste for sweet blood.
    So all in all must be a candidate…
    I find that they no longer need my is old and crabby and they know that , what blood I have is not of good quality after all these years of flowing around my body.

    have a great day love P

  4. I dunno, I’m old and crabby and I STILL get bit while they leave husband alone.
    And then the bites swell up and itch forever!
    Bad karma, that’s what it is —

  5. Hmm, don’t know the answer.

    I wear perfume – and don’t get bitten. My DH doesn’t – but the mosquitos love him! If I do get an odd bite I can resist the scratching – so they soon go. My DH, on the other hand, can’t leave them alone.

    That didn’t help one little bit, did it? LOL

    1. Hi Rebby: Having read all the replies I too wonder why I get bitten like crazy & others are not bothered by them. I find perfume, hairspray & scented deodorants attract them more to me. I try to spray some OFF on whenever I go out so i don’t become a “buffet” for the mossies as we called them when I was a little one!!! I find my saliva takes the itch out in a pinch or Aveeno anti itch cream….
      We have all noticed there are more mosquitos this year & our bats have a horrid virus that is reducing their numbers…..they are not out at dusk hunting mossies so the insects are getting a great hold here…not a good sign AT ALL….

      1. Sherri Ellen, Yeah, that’s about all we can do. When we lived in QC, I tried OFF as I was out more in the evenings… maybe it worked a little. The anti-itch at least works well. It’s terrible about those viruses..

  6. Hi,
    Yes I’m also one of those that the mosquitoes seem to love. The article that Suz posted was very interesting, and a good read. In summer here when we have a bar-b-que or go to friends for a bar-b-que, or anything outside for that matter, we always have some sort of insect repellent, (I live in the part of OZ that is in the tropics) I can tell you for sure the good old mosquitoes love a barbie. 😦

    1. Yes, that was a good link, interesting stuff that I didn’t know. I guess we only have to accept that things are the way they are … but they sure can drive you nuts when you want to be outside on a fine summer’s night

  7. I have the same problem as you – they love my blood. However, I don’t get bitten unless I’m sweating, so maybe it’s that?

    1. I haven’t thought about that … I have the impression they bite regardless.. One good thing is that I’ve found this pen [Benadryl], so at least they don’t swell up and hurt as they used to.

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