hump post

There are still two hours left of July 1, 2011. Half of the Daily Post-challenge is completed. There are 365 days in a year and today is day #182.

The challenge is a lot of fun, something I look forward to doing every day — not at all like the photo-a-day turned out to be after a while, a chore. I’ve been true to myself and not had a theme — I’ve been all over the place, from current news to squirrels in Rockwood Park.

Looked in to the statistics but it’s not that much fun because I moved my blog in May. It used to be a self-hosted blog before I moved it to free  An average of 52 hits per day, but that doesn’t really mean anything to me. What means more is that thanks to this challenge, I’ve met a bunch of great people … blogging buddies, that I wouldn’t have met without this. The comments/feedback is more than half of the fun, and always appreciated!

It’s Canada Day and as I type they’re shooting up fireworks from Long Wharf. McDuff has gone into hiding. Listening to this sound reminds me to be thankful to live in a peaceful corner of the world … I know what it is … they are just friendly fireworks, but I remember the anxiety the sound caused with all the refugees in my work place back in the late 80’s.


9 thoughts on “hump post”

  1. Happy Canada Day!!!! We have fireworks on monday for the 4th of July. We never buy any but the neighbours do.

    We oftentimes have Black Hawk choppers flying over us. I can sort of imagine how terrifying that sound would have been in Vietnam to who we considered enemies then,

  2. Great post Rebekah….
    I do hope that I am included as one of your blogging-buddies!
    You are right blogging on WordPress is such fun, and it is the people that you meet on the way that gives so much satisfaction and joy.
    Statistics are a pain, so why do I put so much time into looking at them…

    love P

  3. Hi Rebekah,
    Congrats on the post a day, the year is going very fast I feel, (the older I get the faster the years go by 🙂 ) It is nice the people you meet from blogging, and from different parts of the world, blogging-buddies is a good way to describe everyone.

    I love fireworks, we also use fireworks for different occasions in OZ as well.

  4. Happy Canada Day! Happy Fourth of July!

    If I got 52 hits a day, I would wonder who is reading my stuff. The most I ever got in one day was 105. I write whenever I feel like it now and I don’t think followers like for you to skip a day like I do. However, my life is really hectic at times and I find my comments probably are more important to me than blogging. I like to read everyone else and post whatever I think.

    I doubt that makes sense…well it does not have to.

  5. Congrats to everyone that is continuing. I didn’t think I’d get this far. I agree, it’s been fun. The downward slope may not be easy for me as we are heading for a hectic time in the next couple of months.

    I love wordpress. Used to use Blogger – but it was so cumbersome! I’ve loved meeting you all.

    1. Thank you … I’m going to make an attempt at blogging a little every day during my trip in September/October… Hopefully I’ll be able to use the cellphone but I’ll check with Bell first..

      1. Hello Rebby: I have been following you around since the early 2000’s…..I love reading your blogs & sharing my thoughts with you. I don’t blog regularly (at Multiply) & I miss not being more regular….I write in a diary every day; something my Mother did for years…..I love being able to go back & re-read her diaries & mine..blogs are like that also..a record of what happens to us; what we think; dreams we have….I love the written word so much!!!

        1. Sherri Ellen,
          Thank you so much ❤
          You know … for years I used to keep a diary, I wrote every day … little notes. When I looked back at them, the strange thing was that the harder the times, the more I wrote! When things were going good, I hardly had anything to say…

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