Do we need another social network?

Tuesday, Google released Google+ to a small group of Beta testers. I said to a friend ‘I’m so glad I’m over that type of stuff … a couple of years ago, I would have been all over the place, looking for an invitation’. This wasn’t entirely true — yesterday … the more I read about it, the more curious I got. It didn’t take long before I had my grappling hooks out, looking for an invitation. Eventually got one from some journalist in NYC, so now … instead of blogging as usual this morning, I checked out Google Plus.

So far, I feel that it has great potential. I just wish it had come earlier, instead of their other sorry attempts at social networking [Wave, Buzz]. This could have been a great thing, but I just don’t see people migrating in droves from Facebook where they have all their friends and games.

One of the things that used to make me feel a little uncomfortable about FB is that I have very different groups of people on my list. I have ‘real-life-people’ … be it family, former co-workers et cetera, people from here in Saint John … and also a large group of ‘online buddies’… people that I’ve met online over the years. Okay — a while back FB introduced ‘groups’, which made it a little easier to post to the different groups but I don’t know that it has really taken off.

In this new Google+ they chose to call it ‘Circles’. You can make up as many different circles as you want. For example, I have a big group now, of people from way back in the heydays of FriendFeed, that I’ve reconnected with. That’s a lot of fun! But as the invitation system starts to work again, I’ll be able to invite my friends and online buddies.

I’m in no way finished exploring this … just wanted to write a few lines about it as I saw the WordPress team’s suggestion for today. I don’t know the answer to the question … ‘need another social network?’ I don’t need anything, but I’m always up for something new, especially when it comes from Google. It’s nicely integrated with my Gmail, so  that I see a discreet number in the top bar, telling me how many new posts there are in ‘my circles’.

«Sparks», is something that one could turn into a filtered news feed. That’s something that I’ve missed in my Twitter stream, where I’m subscribed to a number of news sources.

Like I said … I wouldn’t foresee any greater migration from Facebook, BUT I think there are people who are getting fed up with it, who are beginning to feel it’s getting old … irked by the constant alterations of the privacy settings. For them, this could be a great, new alternative!

For the moment, I can’t invite anyone — I think they got overwhelmed last night, so they shut down the invitation system for a while.


20 thoughts on “Do we need another social network?”

  1. I make lists in facebook. They work a lot better than the groups. You go to your friends list and at the top you can make a list. I have a list for all games. A list for online friends and a list for my photos etc. I find some overlap but the great thing is you can put each person in as many llsts as you want so if I want to address any one group all I have to do is click the lock before a post a status and put in what list I want to see it. I just can’t imagine getting all my friends to move to something new. That is the thing about facebook being a lasting thing. I have family and friends there that have never done anything on line. They will never move.

    1. Suz, I’d started making lists when the new group-format came around. Never felt comfortable with the lists, so when the groups came I appreciated them because you can even post and reply by email.

      I’m hardly active at all in FB, my blog is posted automatically and I play one little game [Bejeweled Blitz]. Like you, I have people there, that would never be online elsewhere. The strangest thing about it is that those are the ones I communicate the least with — not at all, in fact. They just sit there.

      I wouldn’t even dream of trying to convince anyone to move anywhere. I remember oh so well what the move was like from Y360 to Multiply .. the whining … the griping.. groups were formed!

  2. Thank you for the info. I, for one, dislike FB, and would love to move to something else. If you have any invites left, I would appreciate same. Do we just deactivate FB or is there a way we can let our friends (and for me they are people I know….family, friends, online friends) know?

    I like new things as well…twitter is o.k. but there I have people I don’t have a clue who they are who are following me…granted not thousands or even hundreds, but I don’t know who they are.

    We’ll appoint you our “social media” and internet guru!

    1. Linda, I can’t really pin-point what it is about FB that gives me the creeps … it’s like they want world domination or some such. Guess you could send out a blanket message if you wanted to leave?!

      Took me some time to get the hang of Twitter when it was new. At first, I thought it was some kind of chat line … and many people probably use it like that too. I felt like I had to be active there, but Twitter is all what you yourself make of it. Now I’ve settled for it being purely a news source for me. I read … rarely contribute.

      LOL @ the guru thingy 😀

  3. You must be a lot younger than me ( I think everybody is ) You seem to understand what you saw..with me it just washed over the top and I did not understand one bit of it.

    being an old ‘wrinklie’ I think I will stick to what I have and leave modern technology to you young chicks

    1. Patrecia, I don’t know if all this is so much about age?! I love this type of stuff … the Internet really hit home with me when it came around. I’m 55 years old.

  4. okay so now I’m jealous you’ve got a chance to check this out! heh heh. love the circles idea – that right there ‘sells’ me on it.

  5. Might have to check it out…Thanks for sharing it. Not too long ago though…I cut out of bunch of this stuff…had way too many things to keep up with on the interent. I don’t really like Facebook…just stay on because of old friends & family. I cut most back to just try to keep up with my blog & Twitter…that’s about all I use now!

    1. I wasn’t going to either, but curiosity got the best of me 🙂 For the longest time now, I’ve kept up with my blogging and Twitter. This looks somewhat promising, though and I’ve reconnected with several of the web interested people I had in FriendFeed..

  6. When I read about this yesterday…….the first person I thought about was YOU! I thought if anyone I knew got an invite……it would be you. Keep us posted how it goes.

  7. Hi Rebekah,
    I was reading about Googles new social site only yesterday. It will be interesting to see how it all goes. I’m not on Facebook but of course have a lot of friends that are, and they also say that it is getting a bit of pain, so Google may get a lot that will basically transfer from Facebook, who knows but it will be interesting to see if it does take off.

    1. that’s kind of refreshing … someone who *isn’t *on FB!

      Well … I wish Google the best of luck with this, even though I don’t have any higher hopes — they’re too late.

  8. I am not interested in Google+. I like FB. And I do use groups there. There is Falun group that is so fun. People post old old photos and talk about old old times. I have learned so much. Then there is a Lindsborg nostalgia group. Lots of photos and old times there to. And have reconnected to lots of people from my past. I also have a second Lindsborg group that is private so I can post local tidbits, obits, weddings, etc. Then I have a private group for people who have the same political opinions as me. We get a little tired of getting brow beaten by others for voicing our opinion. Saves a lot of grief that way.

    1. That is wonderful … just the way it should be! I know a few people who are having great experiences with Facebook. I haven’t anything against it either … I use it very little, though — I post my little links there, some photos and that’s about all. I don’t see anyone on my list moving anywhere any time soon.

      I really like Google+. I’ve been signed up for FB since 2006 when there were hardly any people there, and never felt “at home” there, but I can’t explain why.

      1. I know that uncomfortable feeling or not fitting in. At first on FB I knew no one, but soon I had lots of friends. And some from all over the world. nice way to keep up on their comings and goings.

        1. I think part of my problem is that they seem to be striving for world domination. Many other websites you land on today have a button … ‘Sign in with FB’. Here too. If I sit down and think about it, that is what makes me feel most uncomfortable. Now this isn’t a huge problem … I’ll hang around there, but as things stand now I’m spending more time in G+. Could be the novelty of it, but also that I’ve reconnected with all those people from FriendFeed-days.. It’s all good. 🙂

  9. I’m so out of the loop this was news to me. I get annoyed with Facebook. I might well consider something different. Hope it’s not too complicated, though, I just don’t have time to investigate complicated!

    1. It’s more user-friendly … at least I think so. Will probably take some time though before they release it.. they’re just testing it now..

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