summer clouds

This is a picture of Oak Point by the Saint John River, shot from Morrisdale. I like this spot … I shot it last year too, but I like this one better. Remember, the pictures are clickable, in order to bring them up to size.

We went for a little drive up the river. The fog from yesterday morning lifted, it turned out to be a very warm day with no wind and nice fluffy clouds — great for photos of reflections.

I saw many Ospreys … also a whole slew of Turkey Vultures … at least ten of them in a big flock! Didn’t get any bird shots that were good enough, though.

It was 26°C … 79°F inland yesterday. I know that’s not too bad for many of you in other parts of this continent, but to me … it’s very warm, and it has just begun!  I refuse to look at the temperature inside this apartment, because if I know how many degrees it is, it feels worse. It’s fine now in the morning — we don’t get the sun until late afternoon, so we’re lucky that way. Can only imagine what it must feel like for the ones living on the other side of the building … facing the harbour! They get sun from when it rises! We, on the other hand … do get some spectacular sunsets!

On a totally different note: I wonder why the ‘theme-makers’ of WordPress always make the main column so narrow?! Even if you choose a theme where it’s possible to remove the sidebar, the main column doesn’t get any wider! I wish I knew how to make WP-themes … but it’s way beyond me and a whole science in itself with .PHP and stuff that I’m clueless about.

One more ‘puffy clouds-picture’ to sum this up 🙂

 Today seems to be very much the same as yesterday. I still remember the lyrics by heart, ever since my teenage years…


28 thoughts on “summer clouds”

  1. love that last shot especially. Summer clouds have their own beauty, don’t they? I can remember sitting on a swing at the park in the summer, leaning back and watching the big fluffy clouds up in the sky.

    1. Yes, somehow they look especially puffy in the Summer. I always enjoyed seeing them so nicely lined up over the Saint Lawrence River, coming in to QC..

  2. WOW! I did not know that I could make the pictures bigger..
    I do hope that you will not mind but I have put one of your shots as my screen saver. If you do object I will delete it.
    Thank you Rebekah for giving me such pleasure.
    My youngest daughter is called Rebecca, same name different spelling. ( do you get called Beckky?)

  3. Hi Rebekah,
    Really nice photo’s, I especially like the one with the reflection, very good shot.
    I haven’t heard that song in years, in was nice to hear it again.

    1. Mags,
      I love that song, and I loved it when I was fourteen! I remember how ‘knowing’ I felt … like I’d already experienced it all 😀

  4. What a beautiful sunset. We had a similar one last night – but the houses got in the way and I couldn’t photograph it. I’m jealous of your view!

    1. Myfawny,
      Yes, we live on the 9th floor and the building is way up on a hill … so we have a panoramic view of Saint John’s north end… that was the main reason that we fell in love with it — lots of light here!

  5. The sunset looks magical ….. but the white fluffy clouds reflecting on the water looks awesome too …. then again, the first one looks very inviting – I just love ’em all!
    It’s been a long time since I heard that song, it was good to hear it again.

    1. Thank you, Barb … yesterday was a good day for fluffy clouds! Today, there was just one huge cloud that covered it all … a little bit overcast but still hot. At least it took the edge of the worst heat this evening..

      Glad you remembered the song 🙂

  6. Gorgeous photos. Awesome sunset!! What a view!! I think there are some themes here where the column adjusts to what is in it. I think. I usually look for those. they look better.

    It is true if you do not know the temp it is better but by my chair is and indoor outdoor thermometer. I can feel miserable twice!!! Maybe rain tonite then 100+ for the next few days. Ick. Ick. And Ick.

    1. Yes, they call it flexible width. I don’t know what’s flexible about it, because the width of the column stays the same. There is one though, where you yourself can adjust it .. «Under the Influence», it’s called … that’s the only one.

      It’s a tough time now, with regards to heat… it has started for real here now too. It’s early morning now, but I can see what it’s going to be like … hot, hot…and humid.

      1. It is only 10 am and almost 90F already. Ick. I dread it. And I am travelling today in it. Do not like that.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I love them too, but I try not to shoot too many — someone told me it was ‘clich-ish’.. Some nights they get so spectacular so I can’t hold myself back.

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